Theatre Organs in Restaurants - Past and Present

This list is compiled by and the copyright of Jack Rhine, who has graciously allowed publication on Hot Pipes.

Please send any additions and/or corrections here - these will be greatly appreciated! (Last major update 28 March, 2017; minor update 4 September, 2017)

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Area City Restaurant Opened Closed Organ Source of Organ Disposition of Organ Notes
*Unknown *Unknown Unknown Restaurant     2/5 Marr and Colton, plus Dexter Theater, Detroit, MI Parted Out  
Alaska Anchorage Uncle's Pizza   1975 3/8 Robert Morton Kennedy Theater, Kirksville, MO Fairbanks Uncle's Pizza  
Alaska Fairbanks Steak & Pipes 1978   3/9 Robert Morton Empress Theater, Fairbanks   Conflicting info says this was a Kimball
Alaska Fairbanks Uncle's Pizza 1975   3/8 Robert Morton Anchorage Uncle's Pizza    
Arizona Mesa Organ Stop Pizza 1975 Still open 4/82 Wurlitzer/Hybrid Denver Theater In Situ  
Arizona Phoenix Beefeater's Restaurant 1961   Wurlitzer/Marr & Colton   Organ went to Helen Dell and was later broken up by David Junchen  
Arizona Phoenix Organ Stop Pizza 1972 1990 4/33 Wurlitzer Grauman's Egyptian, Hollywood Krughoff Residence  
Arizona Sun City Tivoli Gardens 1979   3/? Wurlitzer     Still open, organ removed - don't know when
Arizona Tucson Organ Stop Pizza     4/24 Wurlitzer Riviera Th., Omaha, NE Parted Out  
Australia NSW Sydney Romano's Restaurant   1940 2/7 Wurlitzer likely piano case Private Residence Last Known Masonic Temple, Belmore NSW, Australia  
British Columbia Vancouver Organ Grinder Pizza 1976 1996 3/12 Hybrid, Hinners Console Many Sources Console junked by owner  
California Los Angeles Clifton Cafeteria 1933   2/7 Moller Factory Installation    
California Anaheim Shakey's Pizza     2/10 Wurlitzer      
California Benicia Urban Braito 615 Club 1957   2/6 Wurlitzer El Campanile Th, Antioch, CA Rudy's Supper Club, Vallejo  
California Campbell (Cap'ns Galley) Pizza & Pipes   1981 3/26 Wurlitzer/Morton United Artists, LA + 9 Morton Ranks (Buddy Cole Organ) Motorcycle Museum, UK  
California Carmichael Big Top Pizza 1975 1981 3/20 Wurlitzer WLW Radio Cincinatti Parted Out, Console in Australia Was open as JRs Pizza and BBQ for about a year after Big Top closed
California Concord Bella Roma Pizza     3/19 Wurlitzer Keith's Th., Indianapolis, IN    
California Covina Monk's Musical Pizza 1969   2/7 Wurlitzer Selma Th., Selma, CA Private Owner Name change to Pipes & Pizza and organ enlarged
California Daly City (Serramonte) (Cap'ns Galley) Pizza & Pipes   1994 3/15 Wurlitzer Diversy Th., Chicago IL Parted Out  
California Downey Shakey's Pizza 1973   2/6 Wurlitzer Chotiner Th., Los Angeles, CA    
California Fremont House of Pizza     2/7 Morton      
California Fresno Pizza & Pipes 1977 1994 3/22 Wurlitzer Shea's Hippodrome Th., Buffalo, NY Colonial Opera House, Phoenixville, PA  
California Fullerton Shakey's Pizza 1973   3/12 Wurlitzer      
California Lemon Grove Organ Power Pizza #4 1981 2003 4/33 Wurlitzer Uptown Theater, Chicago, IL Parted Out  
California Livermore       2/6 Moller Orpheum, Oakland, CA    
California Los Altos Ken's Melody Inn 1969 1998 4/20 Wurlitzer Paramount, Oakland CA, via Ken's Melody Inn, Los Altos, CA Paramount Music Palace, Ind. IN (now in storage)  
California Los Angeles Clifton Cafeteria 1939 &nbsp 2/7 Moller George Turner Studio Parted out  
California Los Angeles (Hollywood) Pig n Whistle Restaurant 1925 1950 2/6 Wurlitzer Factory installation Church, Muenster, Germany - Fleiter Organ Builder showroom  
California Los Gatos (Cap'ns Galley) Pizza & Pipes     3/12 Wurlitzer      
California Martinez Bella Roma Pizza 1970 2008 3/18 Wurlitzer/Hybrid California Th, Pamona and Granada, Oakland; Console Majestic, Sacramento, CA Private Owner  
California Modesto Pizza Machine 1975 1981 3/9 Wurlitzer Hill Opera House, Petaluma, CA Private Owner  
California Monterey Red Vest Pizza 1973 1977 2/8 Wicks Wicks Factory Red Vest Pizza Pinole  
California Oakland Shanghai Gardens 1935 1940 2/6 Wurlitzer Century (Capitol) Theatre, Oakland, CA Neighborhood Church, Oakland CA, then Reformed Church, Ripon, CA George Wright's first paying job
California Pacific Beach Organ Power Pizza #3     5/27 Moller Reg. Foort Touring Organ Pasadena, CA Civic Auditorium  
California Pinole Red Vest Pizza 1977 1979 2/10 Wicks Red Vest Pizza, Monterey Church  
California Pleasant Hill Pizza Machine 1974 1992 2/6 Wicks Newly Manufactured Returned to Wicks 1992 - Current Location????  
California Redwood City Cap'ns Galley Pizza & Pipes 1962 2004 4/27 Wurlitzer/Hybrid 5th Avenue, Seattle Whittier High School, Whittier, CA Organ finally being installed Nov 2016
California Reseda Great American Wind Machine/Pipes n Pizza 1969 1992 3/17 Wurlitzer Beverly Hills Theater Peery-Egyptian, Ogden, UT  
California Rheem Pizza Junction     2/9 Wurlitzer Warwick Th., Kansas City MO    
California Sacramento Arden Pizza & Pipes 1973 1996 4/20 Wurlitzer Strand Th., Madison, WI & Tiffin Th., Chicago; Replica Studios, Des Plaines, IL Trinity Presbyterian, Spring Valley, CA Was the Replica record company organ and then in Canada before Arden
California Sacramento Carl Greer Inn 1964 1976 4/20 Robert Morton Music Hall Th., Seattle Bob Hope Theater, Stockton CA  
California Sacramento Shakey's Pizza            
California San Diego Big Top Pizza            
California San Diego Organ Power Pizza #1 1972 2000 3/12 Wurlitzer Wilson Th, Fresno, CA Australia, now Cremone Orpheum  
California San Diego Rudder's Cafe 1913   2/14 Estey Factory Installation    
California San Francisco Lost Weekend Tavern     2/10 Wurlitzer Senator Theater, Oakland, CA Storage  
California San Jose Angelinos/Thundermug 1972 2007 3/13 Wurlitzer Rialto Th., Racine, WI Sold to Private Party  
California San Lorenzo Village Ye Olde Pizza Joynt 1958 2003 3/13 Wurlitzer Hybrid State Theatre, Fresno (2/9 Wurlitzer); Console - Warfield Theatre, San Francisco Two Kimball and one Moller rank; Destroyed by fire Removed from State, Fresno to KMJ Radio, Fresno, then to Pizza Joynt
California San Rafael Marin Pizza Pub     3/14 Morton Peninsula (Fox) Theater, Burlingame, CA Private Owner  
California Santa Ana (Tustin Bl) Pipe Organ Pizza     3/17 Wurlitzer Console from Million Dollar Th., LA, remainder from elsewhere Parted out  
California Santa Clara (Cap'ns Galley) Pizza & Pipes 1974 1999 3/12 Wurlitzer Long Beach CA Municipal Auditorium Sold to Private Party  
California Santa Rosa Pizza Piper     2/4 Robert Morton     Pit organ, 2/6 Wurlitzer Artisan also listed here
California Solana Beach Organ Power Pizza #3 (was also Plantation Restaurant)     4/28 Robert Morton Loew's Midland Th., Kansas City, KS Music Hall, Kansas City, KS  
California Stockton Pizza Machine     2/10 Wurlitzer Excelsior Theater, San Francisco Mostly destroyed in fire, remains private owner  
California Tracy Waltz Pizza     2/7 Morton/Maas Fox Visalia    
California Vallejo Little Caeser's Never Complete 2/13 Wurlitzer Private Owner Parted Out  
California Vallejo Rudy's Supper Club 1967   2/6 Wurlitzer Urban Braito's 615 Club Benicia, CA    
California Vallejo Shakey's Pizza            
California Walnut Creek International Restaurant     3/15 Robert Morton      
Colorado Aurora Crystal's Pizza            
Colorado Denver Organ Grinder Pizza 1979 1988 4/37 Wurlitzer Paramount Th., Portland, OR + Capitol Th., Detroit Parted Out, Console said to be in Australia  
Colorado Denver Roaring 20s Restaurant 1972 1973 3/15 Wurlitzer Paramount Th, Ft. Wayne, IN Pizza & Pipes, Tacoma, WA where it was destroyed by fire  
Colorado Louisville Three Coins Restaurant 1963 1975 3/13 Wurlitzer Piccadilly Theater, Rochester, NY Pipes & Pizza, Provo, UT; then purchased by Marion Miner Cook for Univ. Colorado, Ft Collins; in storage Organists Dick Hull, later Ray Young
Connecticut Groton Pizza, Pipes & Pandmonium 1982 1985 3/30 Wurlitzer State Th., Long Beach, CA Broken Up  
Florida Ellenton Roaring 20s 1997 2010 4/42 Wurlitzer Oakland Paramount via Paramount Music Palace, Indianapolis In Storage  
Florida Tampa J. Burns Pizza & Pipes 1977 1984 3/27 Wurlitzer/Hybrid Built from many sources Pipework to Bayshore Baptist Church, Console????  
Florida Winter Haven J. Burns Pizza & Pipes/Shakey's 1981 1987 3/14 Robert Morton Wurlitzer Built from many sources Parted out  
Georgia Atlanta Excelsior Mill 1983 1989 3/33 Wurlitzer Showboat Pizza, Marietta, GA Parted Out, Console and some ranks Manual HS, Indianapolis  
Georgia Marietta Music Grinder Pizza/Ruby Red's 1977 ~1981 3/26 Wurlitzer Paramount, Middletown, NY + North Park Th, Buffalo, NY Storage  
Georgia Marietta Showboat Pizza (same location as Music Grinder/Ruby Red's) 1981 ~1983 3/24 Wurlizer Loew's State Palace Th., Louisville, KY + McVickers Th. Ranks, Chicago, IL Excelsior Mill, Atlanta, GA  
Illinois Chicago Mandarin Inn Restaurant 1912   2/? Kimball Factory Installation    
Illinois Chicago Marine Dining Room, Edgewater Beach Hotel     2/5 or larger Moller Original installation Console to church, remainder to Evanstan Township, IL High School  
Illinois Chicago Pipe Organ Pizza     2/7 Wurlitzer Sheboygan Th, Sheboygan, WI Pipe Organ Pizza, Milwaukee  
Illinois Chicago Pipes & Pizza     3/17 Barton      
Illinois Chicago Roder's Union Restaurant 1929   2/? Wurlitzer Repossesed La Salle Th, Chicago, IL, Factory Installation Parted Out  
Illinois Chicago Sally's Stage 1977   3/11 Barton then 3/14+ Barton 3/11 from Retlaw Th, Fond du Lac, WI then 3/14 from Parmount, Hamilton OH + some Retlaw ranks Console of first organ went to private owner, some pipes remained, second organ in Acorn Theater, Three Oaks, MI  
Illinois Crystal Lake Martinetti's (had many other names) 1964   2/8 Wicks Manufacturer (was on display at Chicago Home Show and sold as used organ) Private Owner  
Illinois Lansing Beggar's Pizza/Pipes & Pizza 1973   3/17 Barton/Hybrid Oriental Theater, Milwaukee, WI In situ  
Illinois Lombard Sally's Stage 1979   3/10 Barton Montclare Theater, Chicago, IL Private Owner  
Illinois Lyons 19th Hole Lounge     3/13 Barton Paramount Theater, Lynchburg, VA via pizza rest. In St. Louis Destroyed by fire in the same fire as Chicago Stadium Barton  
Illinois St. Charles Baker Hotel Restaurant 1927 ~2007 3/10 Geneva Factory Installation Consoles are in storage, pipework may be in place  
Indiana Carmel Pasquale's Pipe Organ Pizza     2/8 Hybrid      
Indiana Elkhart Magnificent Music Machine     2/9 Barton      
Indiana Elkhart Pipe Organ Pizza Palace     3/12 Barton Village Inn, Ft. Wayne    
Indiana Fort Wayne Village Inn Restaurant     3/12 Barton Orpheum Th., Green Bay, WI Pipe Organ Pizza Palace, Elkhart IN  
Indiana Ft. Wayne Cardinal Music Palace 1980 1985 4/48 Wurlitzer Brooklyn NY Fox Cons & parts Wurlitzer Manor, Gig Harbor, WA  
Indiana Indianapolis Paramount Music Palace 1979 1995 4/42 Wurlitzer Paramount, Oakland CA Roaring 20s, Ellenton, Florida (now in storage)  
Indiana Kokomo Pipe Dream Restaurant 1981   3/12 Wurlitzer Claremont Th., NY Long Center, Lafayette, IN  
Indiana Mishakawa Band Organ Restaurant/Tweedy Browns/Magical Music Showcase     3/25 Wurlitzer Grand Lake Theater, Oakland, CA nucleus enlarged Parted out  
Maryland Bethesda Cinema N Drafthouse 1983   2/10 Wurlitzer Maine Th, Portland/Baronet Th Bethesda Private owner  
Michigan Grand Rapids Roaring 20s/Noodles/Good Time Charley's 1977 1991 3/31 Wurlitzer Stanley Th, Jersey City, NJ Grand Rapids Public Museum  
Michigan Highland Park Cardinal Richleau Tea Room 1930 1934 2/5 Wurlitzer Factory Installation, repo from Eau Gallie Theatre, Eau Gallie, FL Went to WWVA, Wheeling, WV and not know where after  
Michigan Kalamazoo Lee's Quay Restaurant     3/9 Marr & Colton Lenox Avenue Theater, Philadelphia, PA Moved to Lee's Quay in South Carolina  
Michigan Okemos (Lansing) Roaring 20s 1978 1984 3/25 Wurlitzer Organ assembled by Ken Crome from various parts Sexson Auditorium, Pasadena, CA  
Michigan Pontiac Theater Organ Pizza & Pipes 1979 1986 3/21 Barton/Hybrid Brimingham MI Theater Private Owner, California  
Michigan Warren Pied Piper Pizza Peddler 1980 1989 3/24 Wurlitzer United Artists, Detroit, MI Long Center, Lafayette, IN  
Minnesota Brooklyn Center Cicero's Pizza #3 c. 1975 c. 1980 3/15 Barton Oriental Th., Milwaukee Storage, possible fire in storage; Remains in Beggars Pizza, Lansing IL Principal organist Tony Tahlman, formerly at the Elm Roller Rink, Chicago.
Minnesota Edina Cicero's Pizza #2   1982 3/15 Barton Paramount Th., Hamilton, OH   Principal organist Mike Grandchamp
Minnesota Mendota Heights DJ Brady's Restaurant     2/4 Wurlitzer     Also listed in St. Paul w/ 2/7 Wurlitzer -- Same place
Minnesota Minneapolis Music Palace     4/? Wurlitzer      
Minnesota St. Paul (Roseville) Cicero's Pizza #1     3/12 Wurlitzer Hybrid State Theatre, Eau Claire, WI Blackwood TOS, PA Principal organist George Sumner
Minnesota St. Paul (Lilydale) Diamond Jim's     2/7 Robert Morton Beyer Theater, Excelsior Springs. MO Nucleus of All God's Children Metropolitan Church, Minneapolis Only 4 ranks fit in Diamond Jim's Chambers
Missouri St. Louis Old St. Louis Noodle Factory     3/10 Barton Paramount Th., Lynchburg, VA 19th Hole, Lyons, IL then destroyed by same fire as Chicago Stadium Barton  
Missouri St. Louis Organ Grinder            
Missouri St. Louis Ruggeri's Restaurant 1956 1974 3/11 Wurlitzer Loew's State Th, St. Louis Parted out, console Towe Museum Sacramento  
Montana Billings Pipes n' Pizza     3/13 Robert Morton      
Nevada Las Vegas Roxy's Pipe Organ Pizza     5/29 Kimball/Hybrid Barton console from Chicago Stadium Private owner  
New Jersey Long Beach Surf City Hotel     3/16 Wurlitzer Fabian Th., Hoboken, NJ Started to be installed in the Loew's Richmond then uninstalled, now unknown  
New Jersey Summit New Hampshire House Restaurant     2/4 Kimball      
New Jersey Trenton Casa Lido Restaurant 1993 1994 3/12 Kimball Bagdad Theater, Portland OR, then owners in Oregon and Ontario Galaxy Theater, Guttenberg, NJ then Our Lady of Consolation Church, Wayne, NJ  
New Jersey Wanaque Suburbian Restaurant 1971 2000 3/17 Wurlitzer/Hybrid Chester Th, Bronx, NY Destroyed by Fire  
New York Buffalo Statler Hotel Dining Room 1923 1938 2/6 Wurlitzer Wurlitzer Factory Church, now in storage in Canada 4/17 Wurlitzer, Factory installed 1911. must have been replaced by listed organ, apparently a 3/10 Wurlitzer was also installed in 1923
New York Latham Market Street Music Hall     3/? Wurlitzer   Console apparently lost, pipework may be in Palace Th, Albany, NY  
New York New York Rainbow Room at Rockerfeller Center 1934 1965 3/10 Wurlitzer/Straight Cons. Factory Installation GSTOS owned, Rahway Sr. Center via private owner  
Ohio Columbus Pipe Organ Pizzeria     3/15 Moller      
Ohio Hamilton/Millville Shady Nook     4/40 Wurlitzer Pipework mostly from 3/17 in WLW Radio, console rebuilt 4m slave from Chicago Parted out, console in Australia  
Ohio Olmsted Falls Lamplighter Inn/Plum Creek Inn/Santos Pizza   Unknown 3/11 Kimball Variety Theater, Cleveland, OH Connor Palace Theatre, Cleveland, OH, installed by Western Reserve Theatre Organ Society  
Ohio Sharonville Music Palace 1997 2006 4/33 Wurlitzer Old Springdale Music Palace Parted out  
Ohio Springdale Springdale Music Palace 1982 1992 4/33 Wurlitzer Mastbaum Th., Philadelphia, PA Console damaged in fire, remaining organ went to new Springdale Music Palace in Sharonville  
Oklahoma Oklahoma City Showplace Restaurant     3/11 Wurlitzer      
Ontario Toronto Organ Grinder 1975 1996 3/12 Wurlitzer/Hybrid Much from Marx Th Chicago Private Owner  
Oregon Portland Barbary Coast Rest. 1963   Fotoplayer Arcade, Hoquiam, WA    
Oregon Portland Organ Grinder Pizza 1973 1996 4/41 Wurlitzer Oriental Theater, Portland OR + Savoy/Keith Th, Boston, MA Parted out  
Panama Panama City Hotel Continental Wurlitz Lounge 1979 Still open 3/27 Wurlitzer Private Owner Via Hotel Panama, Panama City, Panama In Situ  
Panama Panama City Hotel El Panama Bombarde Lounge 1962 1975 3/27 Wurlitzer Warner Theater, Atlantic City, NJ Wurlitz Lounge, Continental Hotel, Panama City  
Pennsylvania Duryea The Cinema Club 1960   3/??      
Pennsylvania Pittsburgh Foster's Cafeteria 1919   3/ Moller OP 2714 installed by Peloubet      
South Carolina Hilton Head Lee's Quay Restaurant     3/9 Marr & Colton Lee's Quay Restaurant, Kalamazoo, MI    
Texas Arlington Pipe Organ Pizza     3/19 Wurlitzer Schnitzel House, Milwaukee WI Parted out, Console in private home  
Texas Austin Scampi's Organ Palace 1977 1985 3/11 Robert Morton Loew's Theater, Canton, OH Owner Dayle Harris donated RM to Polk Theatre, Lakeland, FL. Maintained and used by local historical society.
Texas Carrollton Pipe Organ Pizza            
Texas Dallas Landmark Pipes & Pizza     3/11 Barton      
Texas Dallas Pipe Organ Pizza     3/21 Wurlitzer      
Texas Houston Good Time Charley's     Mortier Dance Organ      
Texas Houston Pipe Organ Pizza     3/30 Wurlitzer St. George Th, Staten Island, NY    
Texas Houston Pipe Organ Pizza     3/19 Wurlitzer/Morton Palace Th, Memphis, TN Parted Out  
Texas Houston Scooby's Fun Factory     3/21 Wurlitzer Shea's Seneca Th., Buffalo, NY Parted out: Pipes to Bob Maes, console and all other parts to Fred Hermes, Racine, WI, 1984.  
Texas Richardson Pipe Organ Pizza     3/21 Wurlitzer      
UK Hertfordshire, Great Munden The Plough     3/12 Compton + Melotone Gaumont Finchley Storage  
UK London Los Goblines Restaurant 1929 1929 2/6 Wurlitzer Factory Installation PCT Library London, Gaumont Exeter, Console Destroyed WW2, Private owner new console  
Utah Provo Pipes & Pizza 1975 1986 3/13 Wurlitzer Picadilly Th, Rochester, NY; then Three Coins Restaurant, Louisville, CO Univ. Colorado, Ft. Collins Student Center  
Utah Salt Lake City Organ Loft Restaurant   Still open 5/32 Wurlitzer Paramount Theater, Stapleton, LI, NY In situ  
Utah Salt Lake City Pipes & Pizza   1979 3/24 Wurlitzer      
Washington Bellvue Pizza & Pipes 1977 1992 3/17 Wurlitzer Academy of Music Th. NYC Private Owner via Silverwood Theme Park, Idaho  
Washington Burien Big Bob's Pipe Dream/Pizza Works 1975 1978 4/42 Wurlitzer Coliseum Th. Seattle Denver Organ Grinder & others  
Washington Carnation Goliath's Pit Tavern & Dance Hall 1962 early1990s 3/13 Wurlitzer Elsinore Th. Salem OR Parted Out  
Washington Federal Way Big Bob's Pipe Dream 1969 1975 2/9 Robert Morton/Hybrid Dream Th Couer D'Alene Idaho Destroyed by Fire  
Washington Seattle Food Circus Restaurant 1967 1978 3/8 Wurlitzer Capitol Th Salem Or via Seattle Ice Arena Private Owner  
Washington Seattle (Greenwood) Cap'ns Galley Pizza & Pipes 1973 1989 3/17 Wurlitzer Paramount Theater, Salem MA Private Owner (Jerry Gould)  
Washington Tacoma Mr. Pipes Never Opened 3/26 Wurlitzer Various Seattle Organs, Avalon TH Chicago    
Washington Tacoma Pizza & Pipes 1974 1999 3/20 Wurlitzer Paramount, Ft. Wayne, IN Badly damaged by water and smoke due to fire in restaurant - undergoing restoration  
Washington Tacoma Steve's Gay 90s 1970 1973 3/8 Wurlitzer Various sources Private Owner  
Washington Vancouver Uncle Milts Pizza Company 1979 1999 3/18 Wurlitzer Orpheum Theater, Seattle Private Owner  
Wisconsin Green Bay Pied Piper Pizza Parlor     3/21 Moller From parts, assembled by Jim Bringe, David Olson & Kurt Schlieter at Organ Piper, Greenfield Now in Crystal Theater, Crystal Falls, MI: OHS Pipe Organ Database notes that it is an original Moller from a 5000 seat Brooklyn, NY theatre. Organist Perry Petta
Wisconsin Greenfield (Milwaukee) Organ Piper Pizza 1976 Still open 3/30 Wurlitzer/Kimball Kimball Hall Organ + In Situ  
Wisconsin Manitowac Castle North Restaurant     4/20 Wurlitzer Belmont Theater, Chicago Remained in situ when rest closed, needs restoration, new owner apparently wants to sell for reinstallation in theater  
Wisconsin Milwaukee East Town Restaurant 1929   Welte      
Wisconsin Milwaukee Manderin Cafe 1918   Wicks Opus 248 Factory Installation    
Wisconsin Milwaukee Organ Piper Pizza 1976   3/28 Moller   Replaced by the present instrument, a 3/30 Wurlitzer/Kimball Hybrid. Moller disposed of in 1989-1991.  
Wisconsin Milwaukee Pipe Organ Pizza 1976 1984 4/20 Moller Hybrid Broadway Capital Th. Detroit, MI    
Wisconsin Milwaukee Pipe Organ Pizza     2/12 Wurlitzer Pipe Organ Pizza, Chicago    
Wisconsin Milwaukee Schlitz Palm Gardens 1922   2/9 Wurlitzer Factory Installation Storage  
Wisconsin Milwaukee Schnitzel House 1970 1978 3/9 Wurlitzer Elks Lodge, Milwaukee, WI Pipe Organ Pizza, Arlington Pipe Organ Pizza, Arlington TX. Console in private home.  
Wisconsin Milwaukee Unknown Restaurant 1950 1954 2/8 Wurlitzer Venetian Theater, Milwaukee, WI Private Owner via Holy Cross Church Bayside, WI