There are many costs involved in producing these broadcasts and podcasts, and the stations which broadcast my shows do not pay anything for them. It also takes a great deal of dedicated effort to produce such programmes. If you enjoy these shows, please give as generously as you can to support the continued work to publicise this art-form.

Your contributions help towards the following on-going costs:

  • Website and podcast hosting
  • Sound library backup locally and to the Cloud (currently around 1.6 Tb)
  • Computer maintenance and occasional necessary additions (mostly hard drives!)
  • Sound restoration software and updates
  • Sound equipment replacement

Those listeners who had set up a regular payment on the old subscription plans need do nothing to change their payments if they wish them to continue.

You can donate any amount in US dollars, sterling or euros, and can elect to give monthly if you prefer. For those who prefer not to use PayPal, making donations through Memberful is currently being investigated.

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