Hot Pipes Half Hour Broadcast 75 – mp3 – The Music of DeSylva, Brown and Henderson

June 20, 2016

The Music of DeSylva, Brown and Henderson

This sound file has been archived: it is available here (The m4a version is not archived)

Name Artist Album Year Comments
The Best Things In Life Are Free John Atwell Sounds Of Wonder From Down Under 1995 4-25 Wurlitzer Hybrid, Capri Theatre, Adelaide
It All Depends On You Eddie Osborn Fabulous Eddie Vol. 2 [Replica 515] 4-24 Wurlitzer, Replica Studio, Des Plaines, IL (William Huck)
Just A Memory Eddie Dunstedter John Landon 1 NR Kimball Hall, Chicago
The Birth of the Blues Don Simmons Swinging Pipes [Gamba LP] 4-18 Wurlitzer, Oaks Park Roller Rink, Portland, OR; ex-Broadway Theatre, Portland, transplanted 1955
My Sin Lyn Larsen Paradise [Musical Contrasts CD] 1994 5-80 Wurlitzer, Sanfilippo Residence, Barrington, IL
So Blue Donna Parker Bertha And A Dozen Friends 1988 Alabama Theatre, Birmingham, AL; 4-22 Wurlitzer, Crawford Special, expanded to 4-29
Alabamy Bound Jackie Brown Those Were The Days 4-14 Wurlitzer, Granada Cinema, Tooting, London
Sonny Boy George Wright Home Federal Savings Program – s Pasadena Studio Wurlitzer
Don’t Bring Lulu George Blackmore Regal Memories [Concert Recording CR-0010-T] 4-36 Christie, Regal Cinema, Marble Arch, London

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