Hot Pipes Podcast 139 – mp3 – Organs and Organists of America’s Pacific Northwest

September 4, 2014

Organs and Organists of America’s Pacific Northwest

This sound file has been archived: it is available here

Name Artist Album Year Comments
Gimme Dat Ding Martin Ellis Martin on the Morton 4-26 Robert Morton, Van der Molen Residence, Wheaton, IL
It’s Easy To Remember Dick Schrum That’s Entertainment [Concert Recording Tape CR-0008] 1966 5-24 Marr & Colton, Bill Blunk Studio, Portland, Oregon; ex-Lowe’s Theatre, Rochester, New York
The Wig Jonas Nordwall At The Wurlitzer Pipe Organ – Oriental Theatre, Portland [Gamba JN 101] 1969 3-13 Wurlitzer, Oriental Theatre, Portland, OR; last recording made before demolition in Spring, 1970
We Three Don Simmons Big Band Jazz [Gamba D-1015] 1965 4-18 Wurlitzer, Oaks Park Roller Rink, Portland, OR; ex-Broadway Theatre, Portland (removed 1955)
Mr. Sandman Don Feely At the Organ Grinder [OG Cassette] 4-51 Wurlitzer, Organ Grinder Restaurant, Portland, OR
Tennessee Waltz; Cattlecall Waltz Dan Bellomy Puttin’ On The Pipes 1991 3-18 Wurlitzer, Uncle Milt’s Pizza, Vancouver, WA; with Gary Hobbs, percussion; rec Dennis Hedberg – first CD on this organ
After The Lovin’ Paul Quarino Organ Grinder, Portland: Volume 2 [LP OGP-102] 4-42 Wurlitzer, Organ Grinder, Portland, OR
Wild Rose Rag Tom Hazleton Ragtime’s Greatest Hits [Pro-Arte CD] 1989 4-48 Wurlitzer, Wilcox Residence, Gig Harbor, Seattle, WA; ex Ramish Theatre, LA (some ranks from Million Dollar Wurlitzer)
Take Five Chris Gorsuch ATOS Convention 2010 (Seattle) [ATOS 2-CD] 2010 3-16 Robert Morton, St. Columban Church, Yelm, WA
I Write the Songs Scott Foppiano ATOS Convention 2010 (Seattle) [ATOS 2-CD] 2010 3-19 Kimball-Wurlitzer, Calvary Christian Assembly Church, Seattle, WA
Waltz In Swing Time Nathan Avakian ATOS Convention 2010 (Seattle) [ATOS 2-CD] 2010 3-16 Kimball, Everett Theatre, Everett, WA
Have You Met Miss Jones? Tony Fenelon ATOS Convention 2010 (Seattle) [ATOS 2-CD] 2010 4-20 Wurlitzer, Paramount Theatre, Seattle, WA
Thriller Trio con Brio Tales From The Chambers 2010 First United Methodist Church, Portland, OR; 107 rank Mary L. Collins sanctuary pipe organ; Allen R-370 Mary Naito chapel organ; plus Allen L-8 classical and Allen Q-311 theatre organs
I Was A Fool To Let You Go Donna Parker The Lady Elsinore 2007 3-26 Wurlitzer, Elsinore Theatre, Salem, OR
The Boy From New York City Jonas Nordwall Two Of The Best [Organ Grinder CD] Wurlitzer, Organ Grinder Pizza, Portland, OR

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