Hot Pipes Podcast 153 – mp3 – Theatre Organs of Los Angeles

March 19, 2015

 Theatre Organs of Los Angeles

Name Artist Album Year Comments
I Feel A Song Comin’ On Ron Rhode Please [Roxy CD] 1991 4-27 Wurlitzer, Private Residence; ex-Minnesota Theatre, Minneapolis, MN
Hurry, Mama! The Cartoon’s On! Rob Richards Now Playing – Rob Richards at the Mighty Wurlitzer Organ 4-37 Wurlitzer, El Capitan Theatre, Hollywood, CA
Dancing On The Ceiling Bill Thomson A Quiet Evening With The Mighty Wurlitzer [Pacifica P-2001] s 1956 ??/?? Wurlitzer, Armin H “Bud” Wittenberg, Jr. Residence, Beverly Hills, CA; ex-Manchester Theatre, Los Angeles
Tie A Yellow Ribbon ‘Round The Old Oak Tree Bill Million A Million Happy Sounds [Concert Recording CR-0139] 3-25 Wurlitzer, Ledwon Residence, Agoura, Los Angeles
Gauiott – Peruvian Waltz Ann Leaf Concert Echoes 1963 2-12 Wurlitzer, Los Angeles Theatre
April In My Heart Buddy Cole Transcriptions
California Here I Come Chris Elliott Plays The Simonton Wurlitzer Pipe Organ 1983 4-36 Wurlitzer, Simonton Residence, Toluca Lake, Los Angeles
Once In A Dream Mildred Alexander Alexander The Great [Location Recording Service LP] 1965 4-37 Kimball, Wiltern Theatre, Los Angeles; recorded in concert 24 Oct 1965
Farandole (L’ArlÈsienne Suite) Del Castillo Half and Half [Concert Recording CR-0028] 4-61 Robert-Morton, Elks Hall, Los Angeles, CA
Take My Word Gordon Kibbee United Artists Theatre 1940 3-17 Wurlitzer, United Artists Theatre, Los Angeles
Popular Song from Facade Suite Jim Melander Plays The Wurlitzer Pipe Organ in The Echoing Antique Shop [Dulcet ME-6001] 2-9 Wurlitzer, James Gaines’ Antiques, Decorators’ Row, Los Angeles
9 To 5 Candi Carley Sweet City Woman [Minx KM 7067] 3-15 Wurlitzer, Civic Auditorium, San Gabriel, CA
Circle Of Life [The Lion King] John Ledwon Magic! The Music Of The Mouse 2005 4-52 Wurlitzer, Ledwon Residence, Agoura, CA
Via Jara Byron Melcher By Plays Basin Street [Concert Recording CR-0143] 4-27 Wurlitzer, Harvey Heck Residence, Los Angeles; ex-Egyptian Theatre, Hollywood, CA
Still Sweeter Every Day Les Barnett Plays The Giant Moller Pipe Organ in the Shrine Auditorium [Sacred LPS 6015] 1958 4-67 Moller, Shrine Auditorium, Los Angeles
The Old Piano Roll Blues [Fenelon on Piano] Lyn Larsen Remembering The Sound Of San Sylmar [Musical Contrasts LP] 1990 3-25 Wurlitzer, Nethercutt Collection, San Sylmar, CA
Medley segment: Say It Isn’t So Kay McAbee Concert: PCC Wurlitzer 1992 1992 3-23 Wurlitzer, Sexson Auditorium, City College, Pasadena, CA; 19 Sept 1992
Land Of The Pharaohs Walt Strony ATOS 1996 Pasadena 1996 5-28 Moller, Civic Auditorium, Pasadena, CA

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  1. Peter Simpson

    An ATOS convention on-line. Womderful!
    No long flight or expensive hotel. Just a great mix of great music on amazing organs!
    Thank you so much for the lists you prduce for the podcasts. I do listern to your intro with lots of intteresting infomation, but I do forget who was playing what where and when..

    These podcast shows are so so great. Keep them coming. Thank you very much for all your hard work. 🙂

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