Hot Pipes Podcast 179 – mp3 – Serenading The Ladies

March 16, 2016

Serenading The Ladies

Name Artist Album Year Comments
Eleanora Len Rawle Nice ‘n Easy [Piping Hot CD] 2003 3-10 Wurlitzer, Ritz Ballroom, Brighouse, Yorkshire
Jean Lyn Larsen Lyn [DTOS-1001] 3-?? Kimball, Dickinson High School, Wilmington, Delaware
Wives and Lovers Nigel Ogden Bacharach & David Songbook [Castle Pulse PDSCD 588] 2004 3-14 Wurlitzer, Tower Ballroom, Blackpool
My Gal Sal Larry Vannucci Organ Favourites on the Wurlitzer Pipe Organ [Sequoia LP] 1960 3-13 Wurlitzer, Style 240, Opus 1980; Golden Gate Theatre San Francisco; Larry’s first LP, aged 42
Jenny’s Theme George Blackmore I’ve Got Music [EMI LP] 1968 4-16 Wurlitzer, Gaumont State Theatre, Kilburn, London
American Girl Two Step Ron Rhode Thine Alone: The Music Of Victor Herbert [Roxy CD] 2004 5-80 Wurlitzer, Sanfilippo Residence, Barrington IL
Mammy, I’ll Sing About You Ron Carter Jack Rhine Residence Paramount, Jan 17, 2016 – 2 2016 3-36 Paramount, Jack & Karen Rhine Residence, Palm Bay, FL; Jack’s 70th birthday
Miss Celie’s Blues Patti Simon On The Air [2-CD] 2003 4-29 Wurlitzer Hybrid, Capri Theatre, Goodwood, Adelaide, SA
Mamma Mia Jonas Nordwall Omnibus [JN 105] 4-41 Wurlitzer, Organ Grinder Pizza, Portland, OR; console ex-Metropolitan Theatre, Boston
Green Eyes (announced incorrectly as Amapola) Tom Hazleton Sanfilippo Private 5-80 Wurlitzer, Sanfilippo Residence, Barrington, IL
Dominique Warren York Private Album 2-8 Wurlitzer, Virginia Theatre, Champaign, IL; enlarged in 1924 with tibia addition to original 1921 2-7 spec.
Alice Blue Gown Frances Paige Hi-Fi Potpourri [Jubilee JLP 1038] 1958 3-26 Wurlitzer, Kearns Residence, Hollywood, CA; Tracks 7-12 not in good shape
If You Knew Susie Reginald Dixon Organ Memories [Reader’s Digest 4-LP] 3-14 Wurlitzer, Tower Ballroom, Blackpool
Musetta’s waltz Chris Gorsuch Virginia Theatre, Champaign IL 2012 2-8 Wurlitzer, Virginia Theatre, Champaign, IL; enlarged in 1924 with tibia addition to original 1921 2-7 spec.; Rededication concert 31 March 2012
The Most Beautiful Girl In The World Dan Bellomy Palace Theatre, Marion OH 2004 3-10 Wurlitzer, Palace Theatre, Marion OH; not original – replaced Page removed in 1960s.
Barrelhouse Bessie From Basin Street George Wright George Wright Plays The Plummer Organ [Beldale CD] 2008 4-37 Wurlitzer, Plummer Auditorium, Fullerton, CA

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