Hot Pipes Podcast 256 – mp3 – Four Contrasting Organists

September 16, 2019

Four Contrasting Organists

Name Artist Album Year Comments
Sambalina Vic Hammett At The Wurlitzer Organ [Saga Society SOC 1037] 1967 3-10 Wurlitzer, Town Hall, Buckingham; ex-Metropole, Victoria
Everybody Loves Somebody Vic Hammett Cinema Organ Encores Vol 86 [Deroy 1346] 1969 Live recording, 3-8 Wurlitzer, Ritz Cinema, Chatham, Kent (1936); now in the Buttermarket, Shrewsbury
On The Sunny Side Of The Street Vic Hammett Bye Bye Blues [Audicord Cassette AC 232] 1980 4-14 Wurlitzer, Granada Theatre, Tooting, London
Mr. Sandman Vic Hammett The Mood I’m In [Fable LP] 1972 4-21 Wurlitzer, Moorabbin Town Hall, Australia; ex State Theatre, Melbourne, Victoria
Speak Low Vic Hammett The Very Thought Of You [Crystal CRY 3028] 1973 4-19 Compton Noterman, Dreamland Cinema, Margate; (8 Compton 11 Noterman) Installed 1935
America On The March Dudley Savage Perfect Partners [2-CD] 3-8 Compton + Melotone, Royal/ABC Plymouth, Devon, UK
More Than Ever Dudley Savage The Sound Of Mighty Organs 3-12 Wurlitzer, Musical Museum, Brentford, Middlesex
Belle Of The Ball Dudley Savage The Compton Organ At Home [Cassette DS3] 3-19 Compton plus Melotone, David Shepherd Residence, Holbeach, Lincolnshire
You And I Dudley Savage Concert: Dreamland Margate 1993-06-06 1993 4-19 Compton Noterman, Dreamland Cinema, Margate; (8 Compton 11 Noterman) Installed 1935
A Walk In The Black Forest Dudley Savage As Prescribed 1975-08-17 1975 3-8 Compton + Melotone, Royal/ABC Plymouth, Devon, UK
Stranger on the Shore George Blackmore A State Occasion [Studio Republic RLP 5004] 1968 4-16 Wurlitzer, Gaumont State Theatre, Kilburn, London
The Skaters’ Waltz George Blackmore Cock O’ The North [ATOTC Cassette 3] 1955 3-8 Compton, Astoria Cinema, Aberdeen, Scotland: BBC Broadcast Friday 30th December, 1955 (for New Year)
Flamingo George Blackmore Double Feature [Studio Republic SRLP 5006] 1964 Dual Console 4-50 Compton and Melotone, Guildhall, Southampton, England
Don’t Bring Lulu George Blackmore Regal Memories [Concert Recording CR-0010-T] 1964 4-36 Christie, Regal Cinema, Marble Arch, London
Calcutta George Blackmore All Diss… And Heaven Too! [COS Cassette 103] 1983 3-19 Wurlitzer plus piano, Kitchen Brothers Showroom, Diss, Norfolk; ex-Paramount/Odeon, Newcastle-upon-Tyne
Roaming Around Arnold Loxam BBC Broadcast: New Victoria, Bradford 1965 1965 3-10 Wurlitzer (Style 220), New Victoria (Gaumont) Cinema, Bradford, Yorkshire
Quickstep Medley: King Of Dixieland; Dixieland Arnold Loxam At The Consoles [OS Digital OS 202 CD] 1993 Dual Console 4-50 Compton and Melotone, Guildhall, Southampton, England
Santiago Arnold Loxam Theatre Organ Time [OS Digital OS 227 CD] 1997 3-13 Compton-Christie, Osset Town Hall, formerly New Victoria Theatre, London
Toyland Majorettes Arnold Loxam Arnold’s Mixture [BBC Radio Leeds OWL 06] 3-10 Compton, Three J’s Theatre Organ and Entertainment Centre, Gomersal, Yorkshire; ex-Gaumont, Doncaster (1934)
Strauss Waltzes Arnold Loxam In A Gypsy Mood [Crystal CRY3023] 1972 3-19 Wurlitzer, Paramount/Odeon Theatre, Leeds, England


  1. Skip cabrol

    You should put Bob rolston

    Back on the air.

  2. Melvin Wexler--------(Mel)

    Hello Steve, As in Skip’s comment above, I have a copy of a “Bob Ralston Disk” that I truly enjoyed, the content, as well as the realism of the recording, which I believed to be one of the most realistic cuts of a WurliTzer that I had years ago. If I can find it, I would be happy to c–y it, and send it to you ! As usual please continue to post the beautiful TO music, As I look forward to all new issues by you ! Mel Wexler

  3. Stephen Ashley

    Thanks, Mel. Please let me know what’s on that Ralston disk in case I have it: if not, YES, please! Best to use the contact link up on the menu line.

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