Sidney Torch – Hot Pipes! CD

September 18, 2020

£10.00 (Tax Exempt)

Sidney Torch - Hot Pipes!

PH2007 – Price includes postage

Recorded by Torch at the Wurlitzer of the Gaumont State Theatre, Kilburn, London, between 1938 and 1940, these are some of the last sides from The Maestro before he joined the RAF and left the cinema organ for the world of light orchestral music.
Again the tracks are from the collection of Wayne Ivany, who also wrote the liner notes for the 12-page booklet. All but one of these sides were issued by Columbia and have been processed by CEDAR for pristine sound quality.
Track Listing and Samples
The playlist below will let you hear a few seconds of each track. It can take a moment or two to load, so please be patient! If it hasn't loaded within 30 seconds or so, click on the horizontal lines in the top right corner. You can play individual tracks by clicking on them or all of the samples by clicking the player at the top.



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