Show production is temporarily suspended
My wife is very unwell with a recurrence of what we think is a viral infection from last year that has re-emerged – and no, it’s not Covid-19, fortunately. She has bad days and less-bad days, but it’s basically debilitating and so I must concentrate my efforts on supporting her and on various household chores etc. that before we shared. I will return to new shows as soon as Pauline recovers sufficiently, probably within two months.

There are two editions produced: the half-hour show which is broadcast on various stations is released every Monday at 12:00 CET, while the one-hour podcast is currently monthly, released around the middle of each month.

“I continue to be amazed as to how you produce such quality fidelity from the older vinyls.
My hearing is still excellent, so I’m not overlooking anything. The sound is awesome.
You are a Master. Thank you so much for all you do.”
Edward Burnett, St. Louis

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11 January, 2021

Mp3 versions are no longer available via this site. They are now archived on Dropbox. Go to the relevant One-hour or Half-hour page for access details.

November 2020

News Flash: The half-hour edition now airs on Serenade – A tip-top Easy Listening station based in Dorset, England, mainly over the Internet but it also has a local DAB broadcast outlet — in high quality stereo every Sunday at 17:30 GMT/UTC.

October 2020

A new header and a new shop front with no PayPal, which was charging me exorbitant fees. The new shop is now fully operational and now offers three methods of purchasing or donating – by registering, as a guest or by telephone.
There’s a new Privacy page (under the About menu) and Cookie popup to conform to GDPR requirements.

23 September, 2020

To make space on the server, more mp3 versions have been archived into Dropbox. Details are on the show-list pages, which are now also available in the menu.

6 March, 2020

Half-Hour mp3 shows 75 to 125 have now been archived on Dropbox to save disc space on the server. The equivalent m4a versions have not been archived and are still available to be played directly from the playlist.

10 July, 2019:

I am delighted and very honoured to have received an Award Of Special Merit from the ATOS this year for my work on Hot Pipes.


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