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A new weekly season of 13 shows is being aired on Serenade Radio on Thursdays at 9:30pm GMT, starting on 4th January, 2024.

“I continue to be amazed as to how you produce such quality fidelity from the older vinyls.
My hearing is still excellent, so I’m not overlooking anything. The sound is awesome.
You are a Master. Thank you so much for all you do.”
Edward Burnett, St. Louis

Donations to Hot Pipes can now be billed at whatever frequency you wish – your generosity helps to keep these shows in production! I can now also accept donations in USD, EUR and AUD. The bank commissions I have to pay on such donations are far less than PayPal, etc. Please contact me if you wish to donate in your currency: sterling donations may also be made by this new method.


In 2019, I was delighted and very honoured to have received an Award Of Special Merit from the ATOS for my work on Hot Pipes.