All the half-hour and one-hour shows are available in mp3 /192 kbps and m4a/320kbps formats. The m4a versions are, of course, of much higher fidelity than the mp3: which version you choose depends on the device on which you listen and how much Internet bandwidth you have available. Since the mp3 files are smaller, they would be more suitable for streaming online and/or listening via inexpensive speakers. If you have good equipment, chances are you’ll notice the difference with the m4a versions. All Apple Macs and PCs running newer versions of Windows should be able to decode the m4a files.
The shows are now split into their categories to make it easier to listen to and/or download the programmes of your choice. Click on the link(s) below to go to the show pages.



30 October, 2018: Added a list of the last 10 shows (that’s about one month’s) to the right of this page.

20 October, 2018: Half-hour shows 1 to 50 and 1-hour shows 55 to 99 have now been deleted from this website. If you wish to download and/or find playlists of those programmes, please go to the Archive page.

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