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A selection of comments from listeners around the world…

Just a quick note to thank you for the Fabulous Fox album. I listened to it this morning while doing my e.mail.  Much enjoyed. I just cannot get over the quality of the sound you give us. It is great!
Bryan Wardman, Stepney, London

…Too, thank you for your podcasts, I thoroughly enjoy them and appreciate the knowledge you impart about each organ and the historical background you provide. I am not a musician but often wish I could play some of these grand instruments! As an actor, I find your podcasts a wonderful way to unwind from an evening’s performance and often listen to your program on my drives home from the theaters in which I work. Thank you for taking the time and effort to produce Hot Pipes…it is a joy to listen to. Lindel Salow, Dearborn, Michigan

I think that the work you’re doing with Hot Pipes is highly meritorious… I really think that you are providing an excellent service to the TPO community.
Ian McLean, Noosa Heads, Queensland, Australia

Like I always say…you just keep surpassing all previous records. I enjoy everything you produce and it’s so exciting to get your latest release to hear what you have created with it.
Edward Burnett, St. Louis, MO

First let me say how much I enjoy your programmes. You are always fresh and it is a joy to listen to the often wide-ranging music, organists and organs you present. I hope you will be able to continue the HOTPIPES programme for many years to come.
Alan Taylor, Elgin, Moray, Scotland

I have heard several of your programmes on Angel Radio and have enjoyed them very much.
Charles S.P. Jenkins, an ex-Londoner living in the USA

Really look forward to your podcasts and my modest donation doesn’t match the enjoyment I get from listening to the remarkable artists you have introduced to me.
Brian Berkshire, Rye, Victoria, Australia

Thank you, Stephen. I can’t thank you enough for all the time and hard work you put into these programs to give all theatre organ lovers an opportunity to hear great music. A large part of your programs have music that others wouldn’t have the chance to hear. You are amazing and please keep it going. I so much look forward to these shows.
Gerald L. Long, Montgomery, Illinois

[re shows going public in Sept. 2013]… Great news! I always enjoy your shows. Please keep up the great work!
Chris Elliott, San Francisco, California

Thanks for your hard work with all the shows. Really being enjoying them.
Scott Harrison, Melbourne, Australia

I listened to the Thomson “Quiet Evening…” album with my high priced head phones and it is amazing. After hundreds of playings, after your work [of reprocessing] it sounds better than I’ve heard it before.  Terrific job.
Paul Swiderski, Knoxville, Tennessee

Thank you for doing such a magnificent job in the production of your radio show ‘Hot Pipes’, I have yet to be disappointed with any of your shows.
Ian Glenn, Castleford, W. Yorks, England

First of all, the Hot Pipes Broadcasts are WONDERFUL! I really took a listen this time and the quality is great and the mix is great. And so I subscribed because I really want to show my support for your endeavors!…
Pierre Fracalanza, Novi, Michigan

(from Facebook)… I just listened to the show (82). YOUR PROGRAM IS WONDERFUL! (well done Stephen). I only wish that our National Public Radio or other networks would broadcast your show here in the States.
Tony Wilson, Los Angeles, California

Enjoy your shows, was so glad you where able to start doing Hot Pipes again! I’ve been keeping up to date downloading each show as they came on line… Look forward to many more shows. They are excellent!
Don Young, Joliet, Illinois

Since making a subscription to your program I’ve been in ‘Heaven’. I’ve got more TOP music than I’ve ever had before and I’m enjoying it immensely. Not only that but I’ve blown my GB allowance downloading your wonderful programs. And I love it. And it’s very interesting listening to all of your comments about the artists, organs, etc. which helps to put the whole experience in context…
… Keep up the good work Steve, I just love it and I’m so grateful that I found out about your podcasts. Fantastic.
Allen Biggins, Barongarook, Victoria, Australia

Have been slowly working my way through the shows from your first recordings & thoroughly appreciate your work… I certainly hope you can keep doing it and am willing to pay more for the subscription if it comes to that.
The audio quality has certainly improved once the shows were only available online.
Andreas Heydler

Great shows, a great bargain and thanks for your work putting these together… your show has superb sound quality.
Barry Henry, New Orleans, Louisiana

I am thrilled that you are up and running! The sample programs are superb and your commentary is enlightening and polished! It bodes well for displaying the art of the theatre organ in a most impressive format.
John Clark McCall, Georgia

Great job on the interview segment on program 65. I liked the insight brought out by having Simon select 6 recordings that were an influence on his life.   Neat technique, i.e. it seems like you suggested which 6 items would you take on a desert island. I also liked the human side of Simon that was revealed through your questions. I always find this information fascinating.
Thanks for taking the program to the next level.
Paul Swiderski, Knoxville, Tennessee

Just to say how much I am enjoying being a subscriber to Hot Pipes! I have followed your programmes since I first discovered Hot Pipes! in 2008, having followed a link from Jelani Eddington’s web-site. (I’d only discovered Jelani Eddington 30 minutes earlier on Youtube – what a memorable day that turned out to be)!
I thoroughly enjoy the format of your programmes – an excellent mix of excellent music and expert comment…
Keep up the excellent work!!!! The interview with Simon Gledhill was excellent and I look forward to more of these. Any music by Stan Kann would be much appreciated.
Roy Handley, West Midlands, England

Many thanks for your great efforts with HOT PIPES. I have down loaded them with out too much trouble. PC’s and old age don’t mix to well but the challenge is well rewarded with your programs. 65 was great to hear from Simon and please get more interviews.
Graham Sturke, Bunbury, Western Australia

Just finished listening to #65 and had to tell you just how much I enjoyed it.  The interview format having the guest discuss and play pieces by players who influenced them is brilliant.
As for your audio prowess is concerned…. I own a copy of George Wright’s direct to disc Chicago album. When compared to the version heard on your show mine is sound wise a distant second and my PC audio is no match for my big rig.
Thanks for a great show,
Richard Hohwiesner, Kingston, NY

Congratulations on your 1st subscription show – and what a cracker!!!
I mentioned in my first ever email to you, my overwhelming fondness for the Jack Strachey composition “Theatreland”, which you duly played on your very next show! Imagine my sheer delight to hear it as your new theme tune, played by the very capable Simon Gledhill… Thanks again for an excellent show – and I hope everything goes well for you.
Dave Brown, Manchester, England

(re Show 58) Astounding! Mucho Kudos.
Ed Burnett, St. Louis, Missouri

This is the best news I’ve had in quite a while. I am just thrilled you are back on the air! Happy days are here again!
Keith Addison Tyler, Long Beach, California


Comments from the older shows…

This note should have been sent to you years ago… having started re-listening to your archived Hot Pipes! programs, I am reminded of what an excellent host you are, and I have been delinquent on not contacting you to let you know.
Thank you for all the work you put into making the Hot Pipes! (and Pipes and Paella before that) series. I travel a lot, so I have the opportunity to listen to recordings on a frequent basis.  I listened to your programs when they were first aired, and now that I am replaying them, I realize they are timeless in their appeal.  I currently enjoy listening to the ATOS radio stream, but it does not equal listening to your added commentary, or to your programming decisions on the composition of your programs.  You have added a real enjoyment to listening to the theatre organ.
Best wishes for all your future endeavors, and thank you again for all you have done for us theatre organ listeners.
Randy Ford, Frisco, Texas

I typed in “Theatre Organ” on the i-tunes search the other day, and it came up with the podcasts from all your previous shows….    What a great find that was!   I can’t stop listening to them!    They cover a fantastic array of styles of the theatre organ from all over the world, from past to modern day.  I just wanted to congratulate you on an amazing show… Long live Hot Pipes.
Chris Frostick, Gloucester, UK

I was given a CD of Hot Pipes downloads early this year as, at that time, I had no way of connecting to the Internet at any speed that would allow for my listening to the shows. Since then, I have been able to obtain more of them and have enjoyed most of the music very much… You usually select great music played by great artists on great instruments… thanks for promoting theatre organ as you do.
Chris Anderson, Champaign, Ilinois

Just to say keep up the brilliant music. I am one of your younger listeners (ie under 30) and fully appreciate the music you are playing. Thank you.
Rich Daubney, Lincolnshire, England

Last Christmas I was given an iPod and happened to stumble across “Hot Pipes” through iTunes.  As a subscriber, I am now in seventh heaven, with hours of magical cinema organ to listen to, and better still – more to come each month.
I am one of your listeners you referred to who play “Hot Pipes” on my iPod while travelling.  Those dreary long flights to Europe are now much easier… Thanks Steve for your great presentation – keep up the good work.
p.s.  I have still to download heaps of great music from “Those Dancing Years”.
Brian Berkshire, Melbourne, Australia

Like your show very much… Keep up the good work, and I would like to hear a few more British organists from vintage years – people like Vic Hammett and Horace Finch plus of course Quentin MacLean, Reginald Foort, Reginald Porter Brown, Sidney Torch etc etc!!
Howard Beaumont, Scarborough, England

I’ve been listening to “Hot Pipes!” Lots of fun!
Vincent Fitzpatrick, Lidgerwood, North Dakota

Since finding your site and subsequently your weekly radio show, having now downloaded and listened to all your archived shows, I felt I had to write once again and thank you for such a wonderful programme. In my 1st email, I asked you about Jack Strachey’s “Theatreland” and sure enough you promptly played a Richard Hills recording on your next show – what marvellous service! I do like the “international” flavour of the show – where world-wide artistes are featured, I’ve now heard a lot of theatre organs and organists I’d never heard before… Once again many thanks for all the splendid work you do in keeping this “King of Instruments” alive.
Dave Brown, Manchester, England

Thank you so much for your ‘Hot Pipes’ program, it has become my constant companion when traveling. My iPod is loaded with all available podcasts at all times. It has been especially nice to hear some selections by my former teacher Jim Roseveare who passed much too soon in 1988… Thanks again Steve and please keep it going.
Greg de Santis, USA (West Coast)

Faithful listener, Paul Gelsleichter, told me about the Hot Pipes podcast, and I have begun listening and promoting it. I have place links on, my organ music business, and, our local ATOS chapter… Anyway, as the comments indicate, your podcast is VERY WELL LOVED in organ circles. I will continue to tell my friends about it.
Michael Johnson, Michael’s Music Service, Charlotte, North Carolina

Just a note to let you know how much I enjoy “Hot Pipes”. I’ve just subscribed to the podcasts for my new iPod so will get every program as soon as it’s available.
Gloria Athanos, Tampa, Florida

A large thank you for the program and especially making the archives available. Through this means I am able to enjoy this great TO music. I have been a fan for some time and have meant to send you a thanks.
Ed Nupnau, Roscoe, Illinois

It’s been quite a while since we corresponded, I bought one of your Crawford re-releases and was (still am) thoroughly satisfied… Thank you for the ‘Hot Pipes’ show which I recently discovered, anytime I have a few minutes at the computer I download one of the old shows and listen to it for the first time… Please keep up the good work, I will be an ardent fan from now on.
Dave Pratt, Bardstown, Kentucky

I enjoy your Hot Pipes programs. Like dancin’ too! Greetings from Marion, Ohio, US.
Tom Yannitell

Thank you for doing what you do to preserve the era of music past. What truly adds to what you are doing is the quality of the broadcast material… Yesterday I listened to your Theatre Organ productions that were full spectrum. Loved it all…
Moments ago I managed to get to your Dance site. All I can say is “Wow!” The broadcast comes through in full stereo and surround sound. And what clarity.
Ed Burnett, St. Louis, Missouri

What a wonderful collection of theater organ music.  It shall give me much enjoyment during travel.  I have downloaded and recorded on cd all of your TO programs for a total of over 31 hours of listening pleasure.  All the great artists seem to be represented here… Thank you again for all the wonderful sounds of theater organ.  I’ll check back for new programs.
Dan Rowland, Cleveland, Ohio (Western Reserve Theater Organ Society)

Thanks for the Hot Pipes programs.  The programs are most enjoyable and I just love hearing your selections, both old and new.
Looking forward to hearing more in the New Year.
Richard Phillips, Sydney, Australia

I am a member of the Garden State Theatre Organ Society (GSTOS) and I am currently working on the installation of the former Rainbow Room Wurlitzer in the Rahway Senior Citizens Center in Rahway, New Jersey. The crew and I enjoy listening to your (downloaded mp3) broadcasts while we are working. Thanks for keeping us informed and entertained.
George Andersen, Rahway, New Jersey

I wanted to thank you for providing such a wonderful tribute to Stan Kann on your recent broadcast… What you are doing to share theatre organ music is really wonderful, and I want to thank you for doing such an important work!
Don Walker, Joliet, Illinois

Just wanted to send you a note and say the Hot Pipes show is really great.
I am able to download your shows and listen to them during the morning commute. Lots better than the “local” stuff that passes for entertainment around here in Mississippi, US.
Thanks again for your efforts.
Frank Evans

I wanted to “Thank You” for your nice compliments about the Central Indiana Chapter and the hosting of the recent convention…
Keep up the good work.
John Royer, Central Indiana Chapter, ATOS

Steve, Today I discovered your podcast programs, Fantastic! Thank you for an excellent collection of shows. The 128kbps stream is in beautiful fidelity… Listening in Salem, Virginia U.S.A.
Patrick Farrell

First of all, many thanks of the superb podcasts of the beautiful Theatreorgans. I’ve enjoyed it very much.
We’re from the technical team of the Compton Theatreorgan at Haarlem in Holland…. We’ll look forward to the next podcast. It’s a joy to hear.
Jan Roffel.
Member technical team and webmaster “Lady Compton Haarlem”

I just finished listening to the Dan Bellomy tribute show and I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed it. The content was very well assembled and tastefully done…
Thanks again for your work with Hot Pipes. In my humble opinion, your show is one of the best theatre organ PR things the world has going.
John DeMajo, Richmond, Virginia

A quick note to say how much I enjoyed listening to the 1-hour Hot Pipes show on the music nostalgia site. I really liked the big American sound that you get out of the recordings, and all the selections were superb! Keep up the great work,
Brian Keith, Copenhagen, Denmark (formerly from SE England)

Just to let you know that I’ve downloaded your podcasts and they’re great! We’ve just spent some time traveling by air (ucch!) and your shows made the trip bearable. Nothing like some TPO while being mistreated by an airline at 30,000 feet.
Keep up the good work–I’m subscribing.
Dave Whitmore, Vermont

First of all I would like to tell you how much I appreciate your Hot Pipes show. I found out about it when I joined the theatreorgans-L list. It’s nice to hear what’s out there, as many of the libraries don’t carry this style of music, and, as a college student, I can’t afford to buy every TO CD that comes out.
I like that show’s format, how you play a little bit of everything … I’m looking forward to the show featuring Dan Bellamy. I’ve never heard him before… Good Luck and keep it coming!
Jonathan Gradin, Spokane, Washington

I am sitting here at the moment preparing for my end of semester exam which is next Tuesday night and happened to come across your website. I am very much enjoying your show. I have only heard the programme of 4 June 2008 but will get through all of them after the exams are over. This semester’s subject is a total bore, so thank you for giving me some light entertainment this afternoon.
John Giacchi, Melbourne, Australia

… Your voice and the music prompt pleasant memories of your KPCC days.
Jim Merry, ATOS Executive Secretary (Fullerton, California)

… I clicked onto your radio shows and even though I have been around T.P.O. for around 40 yrs, some of your recordings I haven’t heard…
John McLennan, Melbourne, Australia

I live in Scotland and very much enjoy your radio programme Hot Pipes via the Internet. It absolutely hits the nail on the head in covering exactly the type of organ music that I love. Like many theatre organ enthusiasts I suppose I have a fair number of the recordings which you play. However, this is not a negative as it is really so interesting hearing these recordings as you choose them along with your anecdotes and stories. Of course it is also great hearing tracks which are new to me. Keep up the good work!
Eion Johnston