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About Access & Notifications


To receive my Mailchimp notifications of new one-hour podcasts by email, click on the Please add me to your mailing list for updates here or under the Mailing List Signup at the top of the right column on the Home page. You will also receive notifications of new half-hour shows as they are released every Saturday at 12:00 Central European Time (CET). These emails may contain other relevant show information from time to time.


There are several ways to subscribe and/or be notified when new shows are released. There are two feeds, one for each show produced: both are m4a 256 kbps, produced with Apple’s iTune Plus ripper for maximum quality and lower file size.

1. Select which show and version you wish to subscribe to by choosing one in that category.
2. Under the play-bar, you have the option to Download that particular show. (A left-click will download to the ‘generic’ download folder in your computer and a right-click gives you the option of deciding the download location.)
3. Under that you will see ‘Subscribe‘…

Apple Podcasts – The link will take you to the Apple Podcast listing where you’ll be able to subscribe.

Google Podcasts – The link will take you to the Google Podcast listing where you’ll be able to subscribe.

Email – The link takes you to a page where you can subscribe to receive an auto-generated email every time a show is published. Note this is a different option from the Mailchimp emails which may contain other information besides the new episode details.

RSS – Produces an RSS XML file

Alternatively, you can manually add the feed address to a podcast downloader/player (such as iTunes, Miro, Juice etc.).

The relevant feed addresses are:
For the one-hour podcast:
For the half-hour broadcast edition: