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To make space on the server, early shows have been deleted. They are, however, still available for download from Dropbox.

You can also download zipped playlists for these shows in three formats:

1. Simple html format: just drag the playlist onto a web browser to display the contents.
–  Half-hour playlists in html format (1-50)
–  One hour playlists in html format (55-99)

2. PDF format: you will need the free adobe Reader app which can be downloaded from here.
–  Half-hour playlists in PDF format (1-50)
–  One hour playlists in PDF format (55-99)

3. MS Excel xlsx format (which can also be read by OpenOffice etc.)
–  Half-hour playlists in xlsx format (1-50)
–  One hour playlists in xlsx format (55-99)