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Hot Pipes Podcast 332 – Virtually Home

Name Artist Album Year Comments
Man of La Mancha (I, Don Quixote) Bill Thomson The Imagination of Bill Thomson [Lift BT-3403] 1968 Rodgers, equivalent to Wurlitzer Style 260, Residence of Bob & Alice Power, Los Angeles
Wave Ashley Miller Souvenirs Of Melody Hill [Allen GA-1104] 1980 Allen System 920 Computer Organ, Stillman and Claire Rice Residence, North Haven, CT
Cavatina Jean Martyn Renaissance [Grosvenor CDGRS 1319] 2000 GW-4 Allen Renaissance, Ray Springthorpe Residence
Mamma Mia Brett Valliant Voulez Vous 2007 Walker Digital RTO 3-35; Residence of Bucky Reddish and James Thrower, Atlanta, GA
Edelma Tom Hazleton Gone Is The Wind [Ben Davis CD] George Wright Signature 4 Manual Renaissance, Petway Residence, Alpharetta, GA
Little Girl Blue John Atwell, Bill Schumacher Private 2011 Bill Schumacher Piano, John Atwell Allen Lyn Larsen model Theatre Organ; Recorded at Jim Clinch residence November 11 2011
Shiny Stockings Stephen Vincent Yamaha EL90 with Paramount 450 2018
Little Serenade Iain McGlinchey Paramount 450 Paramount 450 VTPO;
You Are My Lucky Star Dwight Beacham A Musical Bouquet 2013 3-25 Allen Quantum Custom, Beacham Residence
A Kiss To Build A Dream On Bob Power A Sentimental Journey [BANDA CD] 2005 4m George Wright Allen, Bob Power residence, Los Angeles, CA
Whistling Rufus William L. Coale Red Wing Ragtime And Marches 2014 GW-4 Allen, Bob Bury residence, Philadelphia, PA; formerly owned by Walt Strony
My Heart Will Go On Chris Powell Up With The Curtain [CMPCD18] 2014 VTPO, John Fuhrmann Residence, Perth
It All Depends On You Ken Double Swingin’ Down The Lane 2004 Allen GW 4, Koehnle Residence, Elkins Lake, TX
Canadian Sunset John Clark McCall McCall Takes Davidson 2011 Live at the Gil Parsons Residence 3-56 Walker Theatre Organ, Davidson, NC
A Ride On A Rainbow Brett Valliant Private [Ian Maclean Residence] 2009 Hauptwerk 64 bit on MacPro – 36 audio channels; mainly Neil Jensen’s 3-35 Connoisseur, plus some of Brett Milan’s Masterworks 3-31
Mine Pierre Fracalanza Paramount 450 2013

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