List – Half-Hour m4a

New! Easy-to-find list of Hot Pipes Half-Hour podcasts in m4a format – DISCONTINUED – see below

Click on the show title to go to the playlist and player, which will open in a new browser page. The Download link at the top of each playlist will play, not download (due, I think, to recent changes in the software). To download the sound file, right-click on the Download link and Save As to your desired folder.

As of Half-hour 251, mp3 versions were discontinued in favour of the better quality and more modern format m4a. If you wish to listen to or download any mp3 edition (1-250), they are archived on Dropbox. If, because of legacy equipment, you can only listen to mp3s, there are free converters available, both online and with a downloaded application.  Go here for suggestions for converters 

Show 352 will be my last half-hour. Two years ago, my wife Pauline caught an unknown virus which damaged her hearing and balance. Since then, our lives have been turned upside down, and we learned recently from a consultant in Barcelona, after a battery of tests, that the damage is permanent. The upshot is that I have far less “free” time on my hands and I must reduce my obligations in order to support my wife. I have, therefore, stopped production of the half-hour Hot Pipes, effective with the second Christmas show due on Christmas Day (352).