Hot Pipes Half Hour Broadcast 85 – m4a – Artists of Yesteryear (British & American) 7

May 1, 2015

Artists of Yesteryear (British & American) 7

Name Artist Album Year Comments
Morning Town Ride [Junior Choice] George Blackmore Television and Radio Themes [EMI MFP 1311] 1969 3-12 Compton plus Melotone, Plough Public House, Great Munden, Herts, England; ex-Gaumont, Finchley, London
Breezin’ Along with the Breeze George Welling By George! [Amberlee AML 310] 1975 3-8 Wurlitzer, Granada Theatre, East Ham, London
All By Myself Leonard MacClain Melody Mac at the Console [Ralbar SOLP-6302] 3-31 Kimball, Stanton Theatre, Baltimore; previously Stanley Theatre
Wagon Wheels Larry Vannucci Organ Favourites on the Wurlitzer Pipe Organ [Sequoia LP] 1960 3-13 Wurlitzer, Style 240, Opus 1980; Golden Gate Theatre San Francisco; Larry’s first LP, aged 42
My Dearest Dear Hubert Selby I Love To Hear You Singing [Stetone LP] 1977 3-8 Wurlitzer, Town Hall, Burton-on-Trent (installed 1972); ex-Cameo Theatre, Cleveland, OH (1925 as a 2-8); then to Forum/ABC Cinema, Wythenshaw, Manchester (1934)
The Lights Of Vienna Charles Smitton A Paramount Selection [LTOT Cassette 9510] 4-20 Wurlitzer, Odeon Theatre, Manchester
High Noon Gaylord Carter Classic Film Themes for Organ 4-36 Wurlitzer, Simonton Residence, Toluca Lake, Los Angeles
I’m Old Fashioned Buddy Nolan Embassy at Midnight [Concert Recording CR-0007-T] 1966 4-16 Page, Embassy Theatre, Ft. Wayne, IN
McNamara’s Band Tiny James Intermission Time [Doric DO (S)1210 Electronic Stereo] 1957 3-11 Wurlitzer, Fox Theatre, Oakland, CA

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  1. Stan Krider

    On website, film music critic, Roger Hall, tells readers that when Tex Ritter sang the song, High Noon, on the film’s sound track, he was accompanied by a guitar, accordion and Novachord, an interesting combination of instruments for a western movie.

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