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Hot Pipes Half Hour Broadcast 173 – m4a – Halloween Spooks!

Halloween Spooks!

Name Artist Album Year Comments
Deep Night David Gray Erie-Ly British 2017 3-21 Wurlitzer Hybrid, Dennis and Margaret Unks Residence, Erie, PA
Spooky Takes A Holiday (aka Satan Takes A Holiday) Donald Thorne The Mighty Wurlitzer [Bygone Days BYD77005] 1936 3-9 Christie, Granada Cinema, Willesden, London
The Haunted Ballroom John Howlett BBC Broadcast 1960s 5-26 Moller, Jubilee Chapel (BBC Studio), Hoxton, London; via Marie Coleman, née Howlett
Hell’s Bells Don Baker The Birmingham [Concert Recording CR-0174] 4-20 Wurlitzer, Alabama Theatre, Birmingham, AL
‘Round Midnight Steve Schlesing Paramount 341 2017 arr. by artist (with inspiration from Ronstadt/Riddle recording)
Blue Is The Night Jim Riggs Paramount On Parade, Vol II [MLM 107] 1993 4-26 Wurlitzer, Paramount Theatre, Oakland, CA
Funeral March Of A Marionette Tom Hazleton ATOS 2000 Regional EMCATOS 2000 4-34 Wurlitzer, Shanklin Conference Center, Groton, MA; 5 November 2000

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