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Hot Pipes Half Hour Broadcast 53 – m4a – Mack Gordon & Harry Revel, Songwriters

Click here for archived show (opens in pCloud in new window)

Name Artist Album Year Comments
Lookin’ Around Corners For You Lew Williams At Last [Alabama ATOS CD] 1996 4-22 Alabama Theatre, Birmingham, AL; Crawford Special, expanded
When I’m With You Simon Gledhill California Here I Come [TV Recording CD] 1990 4-21 Wurlitzer, Castro Theatre, San Francisco
With My Eyes Wide Open, I’m Dreaming Jelani Eddington Here’s Jelani! [CIC-ATOS CD] 1992 3-26 Wurlitzer, Emmerich Manual High School, Indianapolis, IN
Did You Ever See A Dream Walking? Clark Wilson Upstairs – Downstairs: At The Paramount Wurlitzers 1999 3-19 Wurlitzer, Little River Studio (Coup Family), Wichita, KS; ex Miller Theatre 3-11 (1922-1970)
Stay As Sweet As You Are Kay McAbee ATOS Chicago 1977 1977 3-28 Kimball Hybrid, Hinsdale Theatre, Hinsdale, IL
Would There Be Love? Ron Rhode Steppin’ On The Ivories [Roxy CD] 1992 4-32 Kimball, Colonial Theatre, Phoenixville, PA (1903); Not original, now removed
Goodnight, My Love Robin Richmond The Original Organist Entertains [COS CD] 1977 3-19 Wurlitzer, Kitchen Bros. Car Showroom, Diss, Norfolk; ex Paramount Theatre, Newcastle, UK

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