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Hot Pipes Half Hour Broadcast 323 – Hot Pizza Pipes!

Hot Pizza Pipes!

Name Artist Album Year Comments
Rock Around The Clock Charlie Balogh That’s Entertainment [OSP CD] 2001 4-73 Wurlitzer, Organ Stop Pizza, Mesa, AZ; ex-Denver Theatre, Denver, CO 3-15 Wurlitzer
I’ll Take Romance Dick Hull At The Mighty Wurlitzer Theater Organ [Adelic AD 101] 3-13 Wurlitzer, Three Coins Restaurant, Louisville, CO; ex-Piccadilly Theatre, Rochester, NY
Pine Apple Rag Jonas Nordwall Omnibus [JN 105] 1977 4-41 Wurlitzer, Organ Grinder Pizza, Portland, OR; console ex-Metropolitan Theatre, Boston
My Honey’s Lovin’ Arms Craig Stevens Just Another NIght [Pipe Organ Presentations CRS-001] 3-12 Hybrid, Organ Grinder Pizza, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Dinner Music For A Pack Of Hungry Cannibals Donna Parker The Paramount Music Palace Proudly Presents [LP] 4-42 Wurlitzer, Paramount Music Palace, Indianapolis, IN
Makin’ Whoopee Bob Read Pipe This [Hi-Fi Pipes BR-1001] 3-18 Marr & Colton-Wurlitzer Hybrid, Beef Eaters Restaurant, Phoenix, AZ
Oh! Candi Carley Candi [Minx MXRC2001] 1978 2-15 Wurlitzer, Great American Wind Machine Restaurant, Reseda, Los Angeles; formerly 2-10 Beverly Hills Theatre; Candi’s first LP
The White Dove Lyn Larsen Pipes And Pedals [PRS-01] 1973 5-32 Wurlitzer, Bray Organ Loft, Salt Lake City, UT
The Wedding of the Painted Doll Bill Wright Many Melodies from the Majestic Morton! [Doric DO 1412] 1980 4-20 Robert Morton, Plantation Restaurant, Solana Beach, CA; ex-Midland Theatre, Kansas City, MO (1927)

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