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Hot Pipes Half Hour Broadcast 132 – m4a – Hot and Cool

Hot and Cool

Name Artist Album Year Comments
Hot Lips Bill Vlasak Concert: Pasadena City College 23-10-1993 1993 3-23 Ross Reed Memorial Wurlitzer, Sexson Auditorium, Pasadena City College
By A Waterfall Robin Richmond The Original Organist Entertains [COS CD] 1977 3-19 Wurlitzer, Kitchen Bros. Car Showroom, Diss, Norfolk; ex Paramount Theatre, Newcastle, UK
The Hot Canary Reginald Foort Organ Power Pizza [Doric DO (Q) 1506] 1979 5-28 Moller, Organ Power Pizza, Pacific Beach, San Diego, CA
Cool Pipes (aka Something Cool) Charles Rand A Tribute To Ken Griffin [Coronet CXS-167]
Hot Toddy Eddie Osborn Fabulous Eddie – Just For Kicks [Replica LP] s 4-24 Wurlitzer, Replica Studio, Des Plaines, IL (William Huck)
Cool Tango George Wright Plays The Conn Organ [Hifi Tape] 1957 Conn Electric Organ & Leslie Speaker, organ made by CG Conn, Elkhart, Indiana
By The Waters Of Minnetonka Bill Dalton Ohio Theater [Private CD] 1972 4-22 Robert Morton, Ohio Theatre, Columbus, OH
Hot Dog Jim Riggs Singin’ In The Bathtub 1989 4-21 Wurlitzer, Alabama Theatre, Birmingham, AL; extended Publix Wurlitzer

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