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Hot Pipes Half Hour Broadcast 193 – m4a – Dutch Organs and Organists

Dutch Organs and Organists

Name Artist Album Year Comments
Chianti-lied Bernard Drukker Bespeelt het Radio Concert Orgel van der Nederlandse Radio-Unie [Philips 826 470 QY] 5-27 Moller, Tesselschade Church, Hilversum, Holland
If I Loved You Cor Standaart Private 5-27 Foort Moller, Tesselschlade Church, Hilversum, Holland
Rose-Marie: Door of My Dreams; Pretty Things; Indian Love Call; On Through The Hail; Totem-Tom-Tom; Rose-Marie Jan Mekkes Medleys from Musicals [Artone PDR 122] 1964 4-10 Wurlitzer-Strunk, Tuschinski Theatre, Amsterdam
In A Sentimental Mood Pierre Palla Avro Concertorgel 1966 4-19 Hybrid: Standaart, Gottfried and Stinkens pipework with Standaart console & Compton mechanics; AVRO Studio 1, Hilversum, Holland
Cityland 4: This’ll Make You Whistle; Would You? Cor Steyn Cityland 1936-37 [Varagram 5174] 1936 4-24 Strunk, City Theatre, Amsterdam
Parade Of The Sunbeams William Davies Kontrasten [NOF/VARA CD] 1995 3-11 Standaart, Centraal Bureau voor de Statistiek, Voorburg; former VARA studio

2 thoughts on “Hot Pipes Half Hour Broadcast 193 – m4a – Dutch Organs and Organists”

  1. Thanks Stephen, for the nice programm ‘Dutch organs and Organists’. One correction, the Tuschinski organ was a 6 ranks Wurlitzer Style 160 with piano-console. Later on modified by Strunk with a 4-manual console and second organchamber with 4 ranks (Tibia, Jazz Trumpet, Clarinet and Salicional).
    All the best from Holland, Peter.

  2. Thanks, Peter, for the correction. Yes, I note from the script that I reversed the organ’s provenance – apologies! I have made a note of the make-up in my library of tracks.

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