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Hot Pipes Half Hour Broadcast 335 – Tribute to Dwight Beacham and Allen Organs

Tribute to Dwight Beacham and Allen Organs (corrected file & playlist)

Name Artist Album Year Comments
Twenty-Six Miles (Santa Catalina) Dwight Beacham A Musical Bouquet 2013 3-25 Allen Quantum Custom, Beacham Residence
Pretty Baby Lyn Larsen ATOS 1998 San Francisco 1998 4-33 Allen, Herbst Theatre, San Francisco, CA; 2 July 1998
The Swingin’ Shepherd Blues Ken Double Swingin’ Down The Lane 2004 Allen GW 4, Koehnle Residence, Elkins Lake, TX
So In Love Jean Martyn Renaissance [Grosvenor CDGRS 1319] 2000 Allen Renaissance, Ray Springthorpe Residence
Istanbul (Not Constantinople) Jonas Nordwall Definitive Theatre Organ [Allen Organ CD] 2000 3-19 George Wright Signature Allen (GW1319 EX)
Sonnet Lyn Larsen Live At The Rialto 2005 [Banda CD] 2005 3-24 Allen Lyn Larsen Signature (LL-324Q)
Clap Yo’ Hands Tom Hazleton Great Songs Of George Gershwin [Allen Organ 031-0118] 1996 3-17 Allen
Ruby Walt Strony It’s Still Incredible [WSP-4] Early
3-19 Allen based on Wurlitzer in Ambassador Theatre, St. Louis, recorded in Hallstrom residence, Northern California
The Gypsy in My Soul George Wright Unreleased Allen [Banda 202005] 2020 Allen MDC-30

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