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Hot Pipes Half Hour Broadcast 316 – Toys On Parade

Toys On Parade

Name Artist Album Year Comments
Sam, The Old Accordion Man Bill Langford Gangbusters and Lollipops [Fantasy F-8396] 1970 3-13 Wurlitzer, Ye Olde Pizza Joynt, San Lorenzo, CA; ex-State Theatre, Fresno (2-9 Wurlitzer); console ex-Warfield Theatre, San Francisco
Port-Au-Prince Bill Vlasak Music! Music! Music! [WJV Productions CD] 1996 4-42 Wurlitzer, Paramount Music Palace, Indianapolis; originally 4/20 Crawford Special, Paramount Oakland
Goofus Al Melgard Chicago Stadium Vol. 2 [Replica 33×510] 6-51 Barton, Chicago Stadium, Chicago, IL
Tangerine Bill Floyd The Paramount Sound [Concert Recording CR-0034] 4-17 Wurlitzer, Byrd Theatre, Richmond, Virginia
The Ragtime Dance – Song Bill Coffman, Knocky Parker From Ragtime To Ballroom [Jazzology JCE-82] 4-22 Wurlitzer, Old Town Music Hall, El Segundo, CA; With Knocky Parker on piano.
Cryin’ For The Carolines Gus Farney Colossus [Warner Bros. WS1359] 1960 5-24 Wurlitzer, Organ Loft, Salt Lake City, UT
A Cuckoo In The Nest Sidney Torch Round The Marble Arch [Sterndale CD] 1933 4-36 Christie, Regal/Odeon, Marble Arch; rec 1932-1934
The Third Man Theme Leon Berry Giant Wurlitzer Pipe Organ Vol. 1 [Audio Fidelity AFSD 2858] 1956 3-12 Wurlitzer, Hub Rollerskate Rink, Chicago, IL

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