Hot Pipes Half Hour Broadcast 286 – Hammond Showcase and a Conn!

July 13, 2020

Hammond Showcase and a Conn!

Name Artist Album Year Comments
I Love Being Here With You Howard Beaumont Hammond Live! [HB 112] 2020 Hammond B3
I Concentrate On You Howard Beaumont Hammond Live! [HB 112] 2020 Hammond B3
Guaglione Perez “Prez” Prado King of Mambo [RCA ND 90424] 1989
Summertime Klaus Wunderlich Golden Sound Of Hammond [Royal Sound LP] 1971 Hammond
Exactly Like You Ralph and Buddy Bonds All Stops Out [Columbia CSRP BN 514] 1960 Ralph and Buddy Bonds, Hammond; Pat Merdla, String Bass; Stan Scott, Drums
Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered George Wright Home Federal Savings Radio Broadcast 1974 Conn 651
Sunrise Serenade; Moonlight Cocktail Robin Richmond The Hammond Organist Entertains [Castle PLS CD 303] 1950s Hammond with combo; CD issued 1998
Just You Wait, Henry Higgins Wild Bill Davis Flying Home [Sunset SUS-5191] 1968 Hammond

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  1. Stan Krider

    Greetings Steve,

    Regarding electronic music, I’ve discovered much music played on the Novachord (the non-flute voices extension by Hammond Company for the Hammond).
    Among the artists using the Novachord are:
    Pedro Morquecho
    Alfonso Morquecho
    Ben Light – using Novachord (Lloyd Sloop) and Hammond (Herb Kern) as his orchestra on many Tempo recordings.
    Fred Feibel
    Collin Driggs
    Ted Steele
    Arthur Young (Hatchett’s Swingtette)

    The Novachord was used in the film “Rebecca” to indicate the presence of her spirit in a handful of scenes.

    We hope things are returning to normal in your life, both personal and COVID-19.

    Well, the Golden Years do have tarnish trying to destroy its glistening…

    Stan Krider

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