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Bryan Rodwell – Radio Hilversum Broadcast 1982

Organ: BBC Moller (5 manuals, 27 ranks)
Commentary is (naturally!) in Dutch, but the music is in English. 🙂
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4 thoughts on “Bryan Rodwell – Radio Hilversum Broadcast 1982”

  1. Third track in is “Walk In The Black Forest” followed by “Why Do You Pass Me By?”

    Very enjoyable program – is Rodwell’s first name spelled with an “A” or an “O”? I’ve seen it both ways.

  2. Great playing, only those crazy recordings of an organ close up to the chambers……..technicians seem not to know the best stop on an organ should be the acoutics and certainly this Moller in the church sounded nice when properly recorded. Note the difference of the two LP’s of dutch organist Bernard Drukker! When played through my Yamaha DSP with 8speakers it sounds fantastic. Bryan is again one of the oldies with his own style!!

  3. Agreed Ton – the “best stop” is the acoustics. But the inferior sound is also due to the off-air recording from Hilversum. I have a Drukker LP and a private recording by Cor Standaart which are, naturally, of much higher audio quality. I would like to get my hands on the original Hilversum tapes for an accurate comparison. Some hope! 🙂

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