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Hot Pipes Podcast 105 – m4a – Cats, Dogs and Other Friends

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Name Artist Album Year Comments
Wild Cat Blues Don Thompson The Roaring 20’s [Concert Recording CR-0067] 3-15 Wurlitzer, Avenue Theatre, San Francisco, CA; ex-State-Lake Theatre, Chicago (3-13)
Memory from Cats Lew Williams Rhapsody In Blue 1996 4-73 Wurlitzer, Organ Stop Pizza, Mesa, AZ
Stray Cat Strut Donna Parker The Lady Elsinore 2007 3-26 Wurlitzer, Elsinore Theatre, Salem, OR
That Darn Cat Rob Richards At The Milhous Museum 2000 Walker Theatre Organ
Black Cat Rag Tom Hazleton Ragtime’s Greatest Hits [Pro-Arte CD] 1989 4-48 Wurlitzer, Wilcox Residence, Gig Harbor, Seattle, WA; ex Ramish Theatre, LA (some ranks from Million Dollar Wurlitzer)
What’s New, Pussycat? Leon Berry Leon Tames The Lion [Audio Fidelity LP] 1973 2-7 Wurlitzer, Berry Residence; ex-Eltovar/Lake Theatre, Crystal Lake IL (1929), enlarged from original 4 ranks.
Alley Cat Bob Van Camp Here With The Wind [Concert Recording Tape] 4-42 Moller, Fox Theatre, Atlanta, GA
The Pussy Wiggle Stomp (aka At A Georgia Camp Meeting) George Wright Let George Do It! [Banda CD] 1960 Pasadena Studio Wurlitzer
Promenade (Walking The Dog) Jelani Eddington Peter And The Wolf [RJE CD] 2005 4-37 Wurlitzer, Plummer Auditorium, Fullerton, CA
The Whistler And His Dog Dudley Savage Perfect Partners [2-CD] 3-8 Compton + Melotone, Royal/ABC Plymouth, Devon, UK
Hot Dog Tom Hazleton Anything Goes [Klavier CD] 1999 4-74 Wurlitzer, J.B. Nethercutt Collection, San Sylmar, CA
Run Rabbit Run Chris McPhee Celebrate 2007 4-29 Hybrid, Capri Theatre, Goodwood, Adelaide, South Australia
The Snake Charmer George Wright Grant Union High School 1940 4-21 Wurlitzer, Grant Union High School, Sacramento, CA: 11 May 1940
A Brown Bird Singing John Mann Folly Farm Wurlitzer [Compton Lodge CD] 2010 4-14 Wurlitzer, Folly Farm, Begelly, S. Wales; ex-Gaumont, Manchester
The Dicky Bird Hop Arnold Loxam The Magical Sound of the Wurlitzer Organ [Music Club CD] 3-8 Wurlitzer, Town Hall, Burton-On-Trent, England
Hello Bluebird Jim Riggs The Perfect Combination Volume 1 2008 Little River Studio 3 & 4/11 Wurlitzer; Ampico – Vincent Lopez (assisted)
Early Bird Brett Valliant On The Air [2-CD] 4-25 Wurlitzer Hybrid, Capri Theatre, Goodwood, Adelaide, SA
Track 20 – Mystery Don Knights Private 2-6 Compton, Odeon Theatre, Twickenham, London
The Blackbirds of 1928 Selections Bill Vlasak Concert: Pasadena City College 23-10-1993 1993 3-23 Ross Reed Memorial Wurlitzer, Sexson Auditorium, Pasadena City College

2 thoughts on “Hot Pipes Podcast 105 – m4a – Cats, Dogs and Other Friends”

  1. The Pussy Wiggle Stomp (George Wright)
    Seems to actually be “At A Georgia Campmeeting” by Frederick (Kerry) Mills (composed 1897)
    This piece has a number of sites with free piano downloads including IMSLP

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