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Hot Pipes Podcast 110 – m4a – Big and Lush

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Name Artist Album Year Comments
Marching Strings Ernest Broadbent Requests from the Tower Ballroom [EMI One Up OU 2042] 1974 3-14 Wurlitzer, Tower Ballroom, Blackpool; Theme for BBC Radio “Top of the Form”
My Sunshine Is You Jim Riggs Paramount On Parade 1989 4-26 Wurlitzer, Paramount Theatre, Oakland, CA
When My Baby Smiles At Me Al Melgard At The Chicago Stadium Vol. 3 [Audio Fidelity LP] 6-51 Barton, Chicago Stadium, Chicago, IL
Somewhere Out There Robert Wolfe Blackpool Revisited [Grosvenor CD] 3-14 Wurlitzer, Tower Ballroom, Blackpool
Georgia On My Mind Larry-Douglas Embury Sonic Bloom 4-42 Moller, Fox Theatre, Atlanta, GA
So Blue Donna Parker Bertha And A Dozen Friends Alabama Theatre, Birmingham, AL; 4-22 Wurlitzer, Crawford Special, expanded to 4-29
Heat Wave Mark Herman ATOS Convention 2012 (Los Angeles) [ATOS – 2 CD] 2012 5-28 Moller, Civic Auditorium, Pasadena, California
La Danza John Muri At The Detroit Fox Theatre [MuriCord S2] 1971 4-36 Wurlitzer, Fox Theatre, Detroit, MI
Adagio in G Minor Tom Hazleton The Philadelphia Convention Hall Organ 1992 4-89 Moller, Convention Hall, Philadelphia; Theatre and Straight consoles; removed in 2005 on building demolition
On The Beach At Bali-Bali Ron Rhode Arizona Stars [Roxy CD] 2004 3-30 Wurlitzer, Orpheum Theatre, Phoenix (not original)
I’m In The Mood For Love Michael Wooldridge Virtualoso [Merlin Productions CD] 2011 Paramount 332
I Remember You; It’s Easy to Remember Iain Flitcroft It’s The Talk of the Town 3-22 Wurlitzer, Assembly Hall, Worthing, England; ex-Metropole, Victoria and Empress Ballroom, Blackpool
I Married an Angel Bill Floyd The King of Organs 4-36 Wurlitzer, Paramount Theatre, New York
Mighty Lak’ A Rose Doreen Chadwick Organised In Oldham [LTOT CD] 1991 3-7 Christie, Blue Coat School, Oldham, Lancashire; ex-Pyramid Theatre, Sale (1934); organ now in storage
Canadian Capers George Blackmore At The Magnificent Moller [Doric DO (Q) 1503] 5-27 Moller, Organ Power Pizza, Pacific Beach, San Diego, CA
You’ll Never Walk Alone (Carousel) Tony Fenelon Interval At The Regent [Festival L-25186] 1975 4-22 Wurlitzer, Hoyt’s Regent Theatre, Melbourne

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