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Hot Pipes Podcast 118 – m4a – Residence Pipe Organs

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Name Artist Album Year Comments
The Darktown Strutter’s Ball Ron Rhode At The Mighty Wurlitzer Theatre Pipe Organ [Stereo LP] 1978 5-34 Wurlitzer, Bill Brown Residence, Phoenix, AZ
Journey into Melody Ashley Miller Journey Into Melody [Sony CD] 1987 4-22 Wurlitzer, Sargent-Stark residence, Hollywood Hills, CA
Some Velvet Morning Jeff Barker The Young Sound [Concert Recording Tape] 4-23 Robert Morton, Peter Schaeble Residence, Rosedale, Long Island, New York; ex-Loew’s Valencia Theatre, Jamaica, Long Island (1928)
You Are Love Lyn Larsen Vintage Classics Vol 2 – That Certain Hour [Musical Contrasts CD] 1976 4-28 Wurlitzer, Richard F. Kline Residence, Auburn Springs, MD
Vanessa Simon Gledhill In Concert [COS Cassette] 1988 4-22 Compton-plus, David Shepherd Residence, Holbeach, Lincolnshire
Laura Rob Richards, Ralph Wolf Pipe Organ Extravaganza 10 – From Broadway To Hollywood [2-CD] 2006 4-26 Robert-Morton, Van De Molen Residence; 28-30 Apr 2006; Rosemary Bailey, Jelani Eddington, Chris Elliott, Chris Gorsuch, Rob Richards, Ralph Wolf
Cruella De Vil John Ledwon Magic! The Music Of The Mouse 2005 4-52 Wurlitzer, Ledwon Residence, Agoura, CA
Get Happy Bill Million A Million Happy Sounds [Concert Recording CR-0139] 3-25 Wurlitzer, Ledwon Residence, Agoura, Los Angeles
I’ve Got A Crush On You Tom Sheen Bringin’ Down The House [Concert Recording LP] 2-11 (mostly) Wurlitzer, Joe & Dee Spurr Residence, Lyons, IL (installed 1967); ex-Riviera Theatre, Chicago (1920)
Jack In The Box Chris Elliott Plays The Simonton Wurlitzer Pipe Organ 1983 4-36 Wurlitzer, Simonton Residence, Toluca Lake, Los Angeles
While Strolling Through The Park One Day Leon Berry The Best Of Theater Organ [Audio Fidelity LP] 1965 2-7 Wurlitzer, Berry Residence; ex-Eltovar/Lake Theatre, Crystal Lake IL (1929), enlarged from original 4 ranks.
The Druid’s Prayer Russell Holmes Home And Away [Alpendale CD] 1999 3-18 Wurlitzer plus piano, Wyton House, England (Peter Palmer Residence); ex Ritz, Luton ex 3/8 opened by H. Robinson Cleaver 1937
I Got Plenty O’ Nuthin’ Dean Herrick At Home 1968 3-13 Wurlitzer, Herrick Residence, Parktown, Johannesburg, SA; ex Metro Theatre, Johannesburg
Hey There Kay McAbee Fun Sounds [Concert Recording Tape] 3-16 Wicks; Robert Wheeler Residence, Lockport, IL (originally Abundant Life Building, Tulsa – 1959)
I Wanna Be Like You Len Rawle Tonawanda [Concert Recording Tape] 1970 4-24 Wurlitzer Opus 1968, Ex-Empire Theatre, Leicester Square, London; Rawle Residence, Chorleywood Hertfordshire
Makin’ Whoopee Jack Gustafson The Best Of Times [Pipe Organ Presentations LP] 1984 3-10 Hybrid Kimball plus Wurlitzer, Gottfreid, Kilgen, Dennison (plus Devtronix Violon & Diaphone), Gustafson Residence, Northern California
The Impossible Dream Walt Strony Theatre Organ Showpieces 2013 4-60 Wurlitzer, Vince & Pat Aveni Residence, Gates Mills, OH

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