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Hot Pipes Podcast 175 – m4a – Theatre Pipes Down Under

Theatre Pipes Down Under

Name Artist Album Year Comments
It’s A Good Day Ian Davies Australian Style [Concert Recording CR-0015-T] 3-15 Wurlitzer, Capitol Theatre, Sydney
Sapphire and Sables John Giacchi Beyond The Blue Horizon [Modern Mood Music CD] 1996 3-17 Wurlitzer, Orion Centre, Canterbury, NSW; ex 1928 Sydney Capitol Theatre 3-15
Root Beer Rag Neil Jensen Australia Wide [Keymedia LP] 3-15 Wurlitzer, Dendy Theatre, Brighton (Melbourne)
I Won’t Send Roses Paul Fitzgerald On The Air [2-CD] 2003 2-12 Wurlitzer, Wyatt Hall, Pulteney Grammar School, Adelaide; ex-Plaza Theatre, Melbourne
Taming the Tenor Ray Thornley Five Alive [Digipipe WB 101] 1985 4-15 Wurlitzer, Capri Theatre, Adelaide, Australia
Vienna, City Of My Dreams John Atwell Here’s Malvern! 2000 3-17 Compton Hybrid, Malvern Town Hall, Melbourne
Chloe (Song of the Swamp) Knight Barnett On The Air [2-CD] 2003 3-15 Wurlitzer, Regent Theatre, Adelaide
I Wish You Love Dennis Palmistra Especially For You [Concert Recording CR-0032] 2-14 Wurlitzer, John Clancy Residence, Wentworthville, Australia; ex-Civic Theatre, Auburn
Czardas Gordon McKenzie Fire Those Pipes [CD] 4-21 Wurlitzer, Town Hall, Moorabbin, Australia; and Piano
The Biggest Aspidistra In The World Chris McPhee Strawberry Wine & Citron Tarts 2004 3-21 Wurlitzer, Karrinyup Community Centre, Perth, Western Australia; ex Perth Metro Theatre; 3-10-2004
Royal Garden Blues Scott Harrison, Shirazz Piping Hot Dixie 4-21 Wurlitzer, Kingston City Hall (formerly Moorabbin), Victoria, Australia; ex-State Theatre, Melbourne; Mark Page, piano
Wild Rover Tony Fenelon Interval At The Regent [Festival L-25186] 2 1975 4-19 Wurlitzer, Hoyt’s Regent Theatre, Melbourne; ex-State Theatre, Melbourne
Manhattan Skyline David Johnston On The Air [2-CD] 2003 4-29 Wurlitzer Hybrid, Capri Theatre, Goodwood, Adelaide, SA
Banner Man Gordon Hamilton Mighty Sounds Fine [Fidelis LP] 4-21 Wurlitzer, Moorabbin Town Hall, Melbourne, Australia; ex-State Theatre, Melbourne 4-20
Skippy (The Bush Kangaroo) Barry Hall At The Wurlitzer [RCA CAMS 198] 1973 2-12 Wurlitzer, Pulteney Grammar School, Adelaide; ex-Regent Theatre, Sydney, then Plaza Theatre, Melbourne
Waltzing Matilda Chris McPhee Polished Pipes 1994 4-24 Wurlitzer Hybrid, Capri Theatre, Adelaide

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