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Hot Pipes Podcast 179 – m4a – Serenading The Ladies

Serenading The Ladies

Name Artist Album Year Comments
Eleanora Len Rawle Nice ‘n Easy [Piping Hot CD] 2003 3-10 Wurlitzer, Ritz Ballroom, Brighouse, Yorkshire
Jean Lyn Larsen Lyn [DTOS-1001] 3-?? Kimball, Dickinson High School, Wilmington, Delaware
Wives and Lovers Nigel Ogden Bacharach & David Songbook [Castle Pulse PDSCD 588] 2004 3-14 Wurlitzer, Tower Ballroom, Blackpool
My Gal Sal Larry Vannucci Organ Favourites on the Wurlitzer Pipe Organ [Sequoia LP] 1960 3-13 Wurlitzer, Style 240, Opus 1980; Golden Gate Theatre San Francisco; Larry’s first LP, aged 42
Jenny’s Theme George Blackmore I’ve Got Music [EMI LP] 1968 4-16 Wurlitzer, Gaumont State Theatre, Kilburn, London
American Girl Two Step Ron Rhode Thine Alone: The Music Of Victor Herbert [Roxy CD] 2004 5-80 Wurlitzer, Sanfilippo Residence, Barrington IL
Mammy, I’ll Sing About You Ron Carter Jack Rhine Residence Paramount, Jan 17, 2016 – 2 2016 3-36 Paramount, Jack & Karen Rhine Residence, Palm Bay, FL; Jack’s 70th birthday
Miss Celie’s Blues Patti Simon On The Air [2-CD] 2003 4-29 Wurlitzer Hybrid, Capri Theatre, Goodwood, Adelaide, SA
Mamma Mia Jonas Nordwall Omnibus [JN 105] 4-41 Wurlitzer, Organ Grinder Pizza, Portland, OR; console ex-Metropolitan Theatre, Boston
Green Eyes (announced incorrectly as Amapola) Tom Hazleton Sanfilippo Private 5-80 Wurlitzer, Sanfilippo Residence, Barrington, IL
Dominique Warren York Private Album 1996 2-8 Wurlitzer, Virginia Theatre, Champaign, IL; enlarged in 1924 with tibia addition to original 1921 2-7 spec.
Alice Blue Gown Frances Paige Hi-Fi Potpourri [Jubilee JLP 1038] 1958 3-26 Wurlitzer, Kearns Residence, Hollywood, CA; Tracks 7-12 not in good shape
If You Knew Susie Reginald Dixon Organ Memories [Reader’s Digest 4-LP] 3-14 Wurlitzer, Tower Ballroom, Blackpool
Musetta’s waltz Chris Gorsuch Virginia Theatre, Champaign IL 2012 2-10 Wurlitzer, Virginia Theatre, Champaign, IL; enlarged in 1924 with tibia addition to original 1921 2-7 spec.; Rededication concert 31 March 2012
The Most Beautiful Girl In The World Dan Bellomy Palace Theatre, Marion OH 2004 3-10 Wurlitzer, Palace Theatre, Marion OH; not original – replaced Page removed in 1960s.
Barrelhouse Bessie From Basin Street George Wright George Wright Plays The Plummer Organ [Beldale CD] 2008 4-37 Wurlitzer, Plummer Auditorium, Fullerton, CA

2 thoughts on “Hot Pipes Podcast 179 – m4a – Serenading The Ladies”

  1. Steve,

    Do you keep the Restaurant Organ List updated? I am one of the volunteers of the GSTOS ( Garden State Theatre Organ Society in Rahway NJ USA) who work miracles bringing new life to neglected and relocated disasters.

    Our teams are husband and wives teams who spend many hours of volunteering and I would like to get the updated list of our accomplishments (a.k.A, miracles) on this list.

    Please let me know your pleasure or where to send this information.

    Also, as we say on this side of the pond “You have a Kick Ass program ” enjoyed by many over here. Keep up the good work.

    Bill Londell
    Rahway, NJ, US of A.

  2. Bill,

    I try to keep the list updated… the info goes through Jack Rhine who collates everything and sends me an update list from time to time. He’s had a new kidney recently so that’s not exactly been a priority for him, but if you send me any info that you have, I’ll make sure that it goes on the List!

    I’m responding to you privately with my email address. And thanks for the kudos re my shows – I always did like “kickin’ ass”! 🙂


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