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Hot Pipes Podcast 246 – m4a – Midwest Organ Crawl

Midwest Organ Crawl

Name Artist Album Year Comments
Jalousie Kay McAbee Light The Lights: A Musical Tribute [DSP-1406] 1986 3-27 Wurlitzer, Avalon Theatre, Milwaukee, WI
Jeannine, I Dream Of Lilac Time Tom Hazleton ATOS 1995 Detroit 1995 3-20 Barton Hybrid, Opera House, Grand Ledge, MI; 6 July 1995
If I Were A Rich Man Tony O’Brien Redford Theatre – Various Concerts 3-10 Barton, Redford Theatre, Detroit, MI
I Will Wait For You Larry Ferrari At The Mighty Wurlitzer Pipe Organ [Sure Volume 706] 4-34 Wurlitzer, Senate Theatre, Detroit, MI
Prelude to Act III of Lohengrin Jonas Nordwall ATOS 1995 Detroit 1995 4-36 Wurlitzer, Fox Theatre, Detroit
Warm Valley Steve Schlesing Paramount 341 2019 arr. by artist
Spanish Eyes Rick Shindell At the State Toledo Marr and Colton [Concert Recording CR-0114] 3-11 Marr and Colton, State Theatre, Toledo, OH
Three O’Clock In The Morning Virg Howard Now Is The Hour [Ohio Recording Service] 1965 4-20 Wurlitzer, Paramount Theatre, Toledo, OH; 1929-1965; 3,409 seats French Renaissance/Atmospheric by Rapp & Rapp; Final concert Sept. 28, 1965
Polka Dots And Moonbeams John Lauter ATOS 2016 Cleveland Convention Highlights 2016 3-8 Page, State Theatre, Sandusky, OH
Joy To World – corrected to  Joy To The Word Nathan Avakian ATOS 2016 Cleveland Preliminary 2016 3-11 Kilgen, Palace Theatre, Canton, OH
Give Me The Simple Life Bob Goldstine, Bob Ort, Dyne Pfeffenberger New Page [Cassette] 4-15 Page, Embassy Theatre, Ft. Wayne, IN
The Ride Of The Valkyries Dave Wickerham Steppin’ Out To The Rialto 1997 4-27 Barton Grande, Rialto Square Theatre, Joliet, IL; original 4-21
Unchained Melody Kay McAbee Light The Lights: A Musical Tribute [DSP-1406] 1992 3-30 Hybrid, Congress Theatre, Chicago, IL; owned by Freddie Arnish and Art Fike
Zambesi Leon Berry Giant Wurlitzer Pipe Organ Vol. 1 [Audio Fidelity AFSD 2858] 1956 3-12 Wurlitzer, Hub Rollerskate Rink, Chicago, IL
Luckiest Man In The World Clark Wilson ATOS 2004 Milwaukee 2004 3-40 Kimball, Oriental Theatre, Milwaukee, WI; Saturday, July 3 2004; Vornado Radio Show with Jack Bethards
Little Rock Getaway Barry Baker ATOS 2000 Milwaukee 2000 3-14 Wurlitzer, Riverside Theatre, Milwaukee, WI

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