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Hot Pipes Podcast 311 – Restaurants Revisited

Restaurants Revisited

Name Artist Album Year Comments
That’s A Plenty Dave Quinlan Concert: Rudy’s Supper Club, Vallejo 1972-06-25 1972 2-6 Wurlitzer, Rudy’s Supper Club, Vallejo, CA; Originaly El Campanile Theatre, Antioch, CA; recorded by Tim Kirkpatrick 1972-06-25
Baby Elephant Walk Don Croom On With The Show [Upbeat Records KM 4474] 3-23 Wurlitzer, Pizza And Pipes, Fresno, CA with ARP 2600 Synthesizer; formerly Shea’s Hippodrome, Buffalo, NY
You’re Gonna Hear From Me David Reese You’re Gonna Hear From Me [Concert Recording CR-0149] 1976 3-17 Wurlitzer, Pipe Organ Pizza, Tustin CA; ex-Million Dollar Theatre, Los Angeles
The Candy Man Candi Carley Candi [Minx MXRC2001] 1978 2-15 Wurlitzer, Great American Wind Machine Restaurant, Reseda, Los Angeles; formerly 2-10 Beverly Hills Theatre; Candi’s first LP
Can’t Help Lovin’ Dat Man Chris Gorsuch Many Melodies from the Majestic Morton! [Doric DO 1412] 1980 4-20 Robert Morton, Plantation Restaurant, Solana Beach, CA; ex-Midland Theatre, Kansas City, MO (1927)
Under The Sea Kevin King By The Slice [Cassette] 3-18 Wurlitzer Hybrid, Bella Roma Pizza, Martinez, CA
My Melody Of Love Donn Clayton Mr. Entertainer [Concert Recording CR-0140] 3-17 Wurlitzer, Cap’ns Galley, Seattle, WA; ex-Paramount Theatre, Salem, MA (1929)
Phantom’s Theme Jonas Nordwall Bits, Bytes & Pipes Vol. 2 [JN-110CD] 4-47 Wurlitzer, Organ Grinder, Portland, OR
Speak Low Bob Read Big Music From The Beef Eaters [Stereo-Pipes BR-2001-S] 3-18 Marr & Colton-Wurlitzer Hybrid, Beef Eaters Restaurant, Phoenix, AZ
Ain’t She Sweet? Jim Riggs Private: Organ Stop Pizza, Tucson 1982-12-23 1982 4-24 Wurlitzer, Organ Stop Pizza, Tucson, AZ; from Riviera Theatre, Omaha, NE; Now nucleus of Sanfilippo Wurlitzer; Recorded December 23, 1982
Music Box Dancer Bill Van Ornum We Get Requests [Stereo LP] 3-19 Wurlitzer, Pipe Organ Pizza, Houston, TX; ex-Palace Theatre, Memphis 3-11 (Sytle 235)
Blaze Away Trevor Bolshaw Contrasts [Pipe Organ Presentations POP 130] 3-25 Wurlitzer, Music Grinder Restaurant. Marietta, Georgia; Formerly North Park Theatre, Buffalo, NY; Currently in storage.
Don’t Blame Me Tom Wibbels Cavatina [Impro Cassette] 1985 3-25 Wurlitzer; Tweedy Brown’s Restaurant, Mishawaka, IN
Around The World Stan Kann The Pipes Of Stan [Norman NS 324] 1966 3-18 Wurlitzer, Ruggeri’s Restaurant, St. Louis, MO; Originally 13 ranks, enlarged to 18.
I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles Ray Young An Evening With Ray Young [Recorded Publications Company Custom] 3-13 Wurlitzer, Three Coins Restaurant, Louisville, CO; ex-Piccadilly Theatre, Rochester, NY
My Honey’s Lovin’ Arms Craig Stevens Just Another NIght [Pipe Organ Presentations CRS-001] 3-12 Hybrid (Hinners Console), Organ Grinder Pizza, Toronto, Ontario
Take Me Home, Country Roads James Lauck Lee’s Quay Presents [Progressive PP1018] 3-9 Marr & Colton, Lee’s Quay Restaurant, Kalamazoo, MI; ex-Lenox Avenue Theatre, Philadelphia, PA

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