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Hot Pipes Podcast 317 – In Concert!

In Concert!

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Name Artist Album Year Comments
Way Down Yonder In New Orleans George Wright Live At The Rialto [Banda 109759-2] 1971 2-10 Wurlitzer, Rialto Theatre, South Pasadena
Easy To Love Ed Gress Concert: Metropolitan Theatre, Boston 1958 1958 4-26 Wurlitzer, Metropolitan Theatre, Boston, MA
The Runaway Rocking Horse Simon Gledhill ATOS 2023 Chicago 2023 4-26 Barton hybrid, Rialto Square Theatre, Joliet, IL; final convention concert 2023-07-06
Till There Was You Zach Frame ATOS 2023 Chicago 2023 3-30 Wurlitzer, Organ Piper Pizza, Milwaukee, WI; console from Seneca Theatre, Buffalo, NY; concert 2023-07-07
I Go To Extremes Brett Valliant ATOS 2023 Chicago 2023 4-21 Hybrid, St. Mary of the Lake Seminary, Mundelein, IL; Concert 2023-07-06
Moonlight in Vermont Alec Leader Concert: Plough, Great Munden 1984 1984 3-12 Compton plus Melotone, Plough Public House, Great Munden, Herts; ex-Gaumont, Finchley, London
The Glow Worm Allen Mills Concert: NY Military Academy 1991-05-04 (Saying Goodbye) 1991 4-31 Moller, New York Military Academy, Cornwall-On-Hudson, NY; Recording © 1988-2021 Skilled Shot LLC – All Rights Reserved – Recording Engineer: Marc R. Erickson AES
Me Minus You Bill Vlasak ATOS 1996 Pasadena 1996 3-23 Wurlitzer, Sexson Auditorium, City College, Pasadena, CA; July 2, 1996
Kalmar and Ruby: Who’s Sorry Now?; Nevertheless; Thinking Of You; I Wanna Be Loved By You; Three Little Words Bob Ralston Concert: Keystone Oaks High School 2000-09-09 2000 3-19 Wurlitzer, Keystone Oaks High School, Dormont, PA
I Want My Mama (Mama Yo Quiero) – with thanks to Donald J. McGregor for naming the song! Don Simmons Concert: Andriesian Residence 1965 1965 4-21 Barton-Wurlitzer Hybrid, Dr. Dan Andriesian Residence, Cottage Grove, OR; April 1965
Beautiful Love Chris Elliott ATOS 1994 Fresno 1994 2-10 Wurlitzer, Fox Theatre, Hanford, CA; 1 July 1994
Cavalcade of Martial Songs Dudley Savage Concert: Dreamland Margate 1993-06-06 1993 4-19 Compton Noterman, Dreamland Cinema, Margate; (8 Compton 11 Noterman) Installed 1935
I Dreamed A Dream David Redfern Concert: Astoria Centre, Barnsley 2021-02-12 (At The Astoria 3) 2021 3-18 Compton, Astoria Centre, Barnsley, Yorks
Poet and Peasant Overture Jonas Nordwall Omnificent [Organ Grinder JN-106] 1980 4-37 Wurlitzer, Organ Grinder Restaurant, Denver, CO (1979-1988); based on 4-20 Publix 1 from Paramount, Portland.

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  1. Many thanks indeed, Donald, for solving this. The song is normally played much faster, of course, but such changes are expected from Don Simmons! I have updated the playlist.

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