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George Wright – Chicago Theatre Concert 1977 CD

£13.00 (Tax Exempt)


George Wright – Chicago Theatre Concert 1977 – 19 beautifully recorded tracks with very little audience noise!

Banda 202001 – Price includes postage

The liner notes state that the recording was from a confiscated cassette, which seemed unlikely due to its superb quality. Bill Coale recently had an email from Tim Wheat in Chicago:

"Hello Bill,

I had a chance to listen to Terry Kleven's CD he had purchased from you. On a good stereo system it sounds even better than the website clips. Terry is convinced that it's from my tapes and not from a pirate cassette machine.I have to agree.

Both of us were there and no one else had the equipment (condenser mics, tall mic stands, lots of cable, etc.) that could result in a recording like this. The fact that John Nelson was roaming around the whole time looking for pirates reinforces this conclusion.

Going forward, some attribution to me for the recording, CATOE (who paid me), and the anonymous engineer who transferred the tapes would appreciated.


Tim Wheat"

The playlist below will let you hear a few seconds of each track. It can take a moment or two to load, so please be patient! If it hasn’t loaded within 30 seconds or so, click on the horizontal lines in the top right corner. You can play individual tracks by clicking on them or all of the samples by clicking the player at the top.