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Gee Dad! It’s A Wurlitzer – mp3 – Steve’s first truly solo broadcast

Steve’s first truly solo broadcast

Aired on June 21, 1992 – the start of my three years of programmes that ran on KPCC-FM Pasadena, CA on Sundays from 7:00 to 8:00 pm. This could never have happened without the encouragement of the show’s originator, Hal Sanguinetti, to whom I owe sincere thanks. Or, put another way, another fine mess he got me into!

Chris Anderson in Champaign, IL, very kindly compiled this playlist of the show.

0:10 – I Feel a Song Coming On – Ron Rhode (Please CD)
3:57 – Theatreland – Simon Gledhill (South Bank Wurlitzer)
7:15 – All the Way – Dan Bellomy & drummer (Putting on the Pipes CD)
14:25 – Clap Yo’ Hands – Donna Parker (Paramount Music Palace)
17:25 – The Impossible Dream – Hector Olivera (Rochester NY Auditorium Theatre)
22:15 – Lullaby of Broadway – Kay McAbee (Ramada Hotel Ballroom, Albuquerque NM)
30:42 – Unforgettable – Ron Rhode (Unforgettable CD)
36:28 – Delicado – Jonas Nordwall (Sounds of Success tape)
40:48 – Nobles of the Mystic Shrine – Jim Riggs (Arlington Theatre Santa Barbara)
<<…dead airspace…>>
44:40 – Ain’t We Got Fun? / Good Morning / Everything’s in Rhythm With my Heart – Phil Kelsall (Blackpool Tower Ballroom)
48:28 – Apple Blossom – Gaylord Carter, with Florence Carter-Hafner, fiddle (Wilshire Ebell June 1992)
52:26 – Rockin’ Robin – Don Feely (Pipes To Go, Portland Organ Grinder)
55:58 – It Ain’t Necessarily So – Lyn Larsen (PCC Wurlitzer concert May 1992)
58:00 – I’ll Buy that Dream – Bill Vlasak (Paramount Music Palace)

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