Hot Pipes Podcast 159 – m4a – Travellin’ Light

June 18, 2015

Name Artist Album Year Comments
Leicester Square Rag Doreen Chadwick Presenting Doreen Chadwick [Audicord Cassette AC228] 1994 3-13 Compton-Christie, Town Hall, Ossett, Yorkshire
Trains and boats and planes Nigel Ogden Bacharach & David Songbook [Castle Pulse PDSCD 588] 2004 3-14 Wurlitzer, Tower Ballroom, Blackpool
Hawaiian Paradise George Wright Great Hawaiian Melodies [Dot Stereo LP] 1963 South Pasadena Studio Wurlitzer
America Forever! Warren Lubich Warren’s Way [Doric DO 1419] 4-23 Wurlitzer, Cap’ns Galley Pizza and Pipes, Redwood City, CA; ex-Seattle Fifth Avenue Theatre (4-18)
14:52 Along The Navajo Trail Vic Hammett A Buckingham Special (Concert Recording R-O006-T) 1966 3-10 Wurlitzer, Town Hall, Buckingham; mainly ex-Metropole, Victoria, plus Regent, Stamford Hill and Gaumont, Watford
Pennsylvania Polka Al Melgard At The Chicago Stadium Pipe Organ [Replica 33 x 504] 6-51 Barton, Chicago Stadium
Moonlight In Vermont Larry Vannucci Organ Favourites on the Wurlitzer Pipe Organ [Sequoia LP] 1960 3-13 Wurlitzer, Style 240, Opus 1980; Golden Gate Theatre San Francisco; Larry’s first LP, aged 42
Winchester Cathedral Jimmy Boyce Extasonic Vol. 1 [Concert Recording CR-S033] 4-34 Wurlitzer, America on Wheels Arena, Alexandria, Virginia; ex-Centre Theatre, Rockefeller Center, NYC
I’ll See You In C-U-B-A Bill Vlasak An Hour With Bill [WJV CD] 2002 4-42 Wurlitzer, Paramount Music Palace, Indianapolis, IN; now in Roaring 20s Pizza & Pipes, Ellenton, FL (Original 4-20 Crawford Special, Paramount Oakland)
“Salute To New York” Medley: Give My Regards To Broadway; The Sidewalks Of New York; Theme from New York, New York Walt Strony By Request [Walt Strony CD] 1993 4-40 Wurlitzer, Vince & Pat Aveni Residence, Lyndhurst, OH
Andalucia Pierre Fracalanza Paramount 450 2013 Paramount 450
Paso Doble: Alicante Joseph Seal Golden Melodies [Astor LP] 3-12 Wurlitzer plus grand piano, National Musical Museum, Brentford
Lady of Madrid Bill Knaus The Latin Set [Replica 33 x 500] 3-13 Wurlitzer, Replica Studio, Des Plaines, IL
Chicago Selections Howard Beaumont Tap Your Troubles Away (Declipped) 2013 3-11 Wurlitzer, Victoria Hall, Saltaire, Yorkshire
Danube Waves (Waves of the Danube) Paul Carson Pipe Organ Volume 2: Music Of Vienna [Alma C-1828]
The Legend Of The Glass Mountain Reginald Dixon Meet Mr. Blackpool [Columbia SCX 6221] 1968 3-14 Wurlitzer, Tower Ballroom, Blackpool


  1. Michael Silverstein

    A melodic tour around the world–some (travellin’) light, some more lively (and all well worth the wait!).

  2. hotpipes-steve

    Thanks, Michael. I’ll try harder not to keep everyone waiting again! 🙂

  3. Alan Wilkinson

    Hi Steve For some reason I am not able to listen to 159 regards Alan

  4. Alan Wilkinson

    Hi Steve I have tried mp3 no luck, just tried to download 159 and it will not allow me to do so

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