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Hot Pipes Podcast 178 – m4a – Chicago Style!

Chicago Style!

Name Artist Album Year Comments
Chicago (That Toddlin’ Town) Walt Strony Plays The Chicago Theater Wurlitzer [Walt Strony LP] 1976 4-27 Wurlitzer, Chicago Theatre, Chicago, IL
Unchained Melody Kay McAbee Light The Lights: A Musical Tribute [DSP-1406] 1992 3-30 Hybrid, Congress Theatre, Chicago, IL
Let A Smile Be Your Umbrella (On A Rainy, Rainy Day) Arsene Siegel Matinee [Replica 513] 1957 4-20 Wurlitzer, Oriental Theatre, Chicago
Maybe You’ll Be There Dick Smith ATOS 1993 Chicago 1993 3-17 Wurlitzer-Kimball, Gateway Theatre, Chicago IL; 6 July 1993
Do You Ever Think Of Me? Leon Berry The Beast In The Basement [Replica 33×509] 2-6 Wurlitzer, Berry Residence, Chicago, IL
Beautiful Dreamer Porter Heaps Beautiful Dreamer [Summit LP 507] 3-10 Wurlitzer-Kimball, WGN Studios, Chicago (7 ranks Wurlitzer – subsequently to Mundelein, plus 3 ranks Kimball)
I’m Beginning To See The Light John Seng ATOS 1969 Chicago 1969 4-19 Howell-Wurlitzer, St. Mary of the Lake Seminary, Mundelein, IL
Rhapsody on a theme by Paganini Tom Hazleton ATOS 1985 Chicago 1985 6-51 Barton, Chicago Stadium, Chicago
Miss You Al Melgard Al Melgard Volume 1 [Halifax STLP 304] 6-51 Barton, Chicago Stadium, Chicago, IL
Pipe Organ Polka Shay Torrent Organ Melodies In Hi-Fi [Mercury MG 20139] proc stereo 1957 3-10 Wurlitzer, Aragon Ballroom, Chicago
Words Freddie Arnish Hey Freddie, Please Play [Stereo LP] 1972 3-12 Wurlitzer, M & R Hub Roller Rink, Chicago, IL
Rag Doll Eddie Dunstedter, Abe Lyman’s Californians John Landon 1 NR 2-?? Barton, Temple of Labor, Chicago
Just A Memory Jesse Crawford The Early Years [Hot Pipes CD] 1927 Wurlitzer Building, Chicago – intially 2-7 then 3-15
What Is This Thing Called Love? Tony Thomas Something Different… Something Wonderful 2008 Rodgers 360, Polo Cafe and Catering, Bridgeport area, Chicago (voiced by John Seng)
Alone Together Tom Sheen ATOS 1969 Chicago 1969 4-28 Wurlitzer, Oriental Theatre, Chicago; released on DSP cassette – Live! In Concert!
Liza George Wright Chicago Alternate Takes 1978 4-27 Wurlitzer, Chicago Theatre, Chicago, IL

9 thoughts on “Hot Pipes Podcast 178 – m4a – Chicago Style!”

  1. Luke Staisiunas

    I love the Dick Smith track! He can really play ballads well, but most people get caught up on his more…. energized…. playing. I’d love to hear more!

  2. Luke – I have that whole concert with Dick Smith, so I’ll see what other ballads I can find for a future show!

  3. Luke Staisiunas

    Can’t wait to hear them! Next time you have a show of some misfit “unorthodox” arrangements I’ve been told that his renditions of “Slaughter on Tenth Avenue” and “Brazil” are something to behold!

  4. Luke – he played both in that concert in 1993. I’ll check to see if they are ‘broadcast quality’.

  5. Thank you for the shows, I enjoy all of the hour shows and especially enjoyed 178, the Chicago organs. Lots of great memories associated with those organs during my Chicago years. It’s always amazing to me how the Stadium Barton sounds like two different organs under Melgard and Hazelton. I know for the Hazleton program they adjusted the trems, but still, what a difference. It is almost symphonic.

    The Congress Hybrid organ heard on the show was the property of Freddie Arnish and his buddy Art Fike. They installed their organ at the Congress. Freddie gave me a tour of the organ early on. He owned a Hope Jone’s tibia, which was in this organ. Freddie and Art maintained the Hub organ and modified the Hub organ during Freddie’s years at the Hub (Axel.) One of the really curious modifications was to move the blower from it’s room at one end of the building to inside the chamber. They then ran the output of the blower into the floor (after sealing it) so they could tap in anywhere for wind. Imagine that!

    Great show!

  6. Many thanks, Paul, for your feedback and info on the Congress organ. Nowhere on the Net did I find any reference to Arnish and Fike’s ownership of that hybrid, so I’ve now added that info to the music library metadata.

  7. hotpipes-steve

    Hey, Paul, I meant to delete that test message – I was having a problem with the ‘avatars’ that now appear as pretty green boxes! You certainly got my immediate attention… what the… ???!

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