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Hot Pipes Podcast 202 – m4a – Musical Meanderings

Musical Meanderings

Name Artist Album Year Comments
Sweet Georgia Brown Vic Hammett At The Wurlitzer Organ [Saga SOC 1037] 1967 3-10 Wurlitzer, Town Hall, Buckingham; ex-Metropole, Victoria
Wish Me a Rainbow Bob Van Camp The Atlanta Fox Theatre Remembers Bob Van Camp at its Mighty Moller Pipe Organ 1968 4-42 Moller, Fox Theatre, Atlanta, GA; recorded by Joe Patten from 1968-1972
Fascinating Rhythm Billy Nalle The WTO Billy Project, Volume 1 1978 In concert May 27, 1978; Century II Center 4-36 Wurlitzer, Wichita, KS (ex NY Paramount)
In Dreams (from The Lord Of The Rings) Charlie Balogh From Broadway To Hollywood [OSP ERB 116] 2007 4-78 Wurlitzer, Organ Stop Pizza, Mesa, AZ
Hot Foot Blues Al Melgard This Is Al Melgard [Digitized Replica 518] 4-24 Wurlitzer, Replica Studio, Des Plaines, IL (William Huck)
Rhythm Medley Horace Finch Empress Ballroom: Deroy 19 [Deroy 951] Electronic Stereo 3-13 Wurlitzer, Empress Ballroom, Blackpool
Kiss Me Again Ernest Broadbent The Organist Entertains [BBC Records REC 72M] 3-13 Wurlitzer, Empress Ballroom, Blackpool
Waltz Bleu Watson Holmes Cinema Organ Encores Vol 77 [Deroy 1326] 3-13 Wurlitzer, Opera House, Blackpool
The Ragtime Violin Tom Hazleton Ragtime’s Greatest Hits [Pro-Arte CD] 1989 4-48 Wurlitzer, Wilcox Residence, Gig Harbor, Seattle, WA; ex Ramish Theatre, LA (some ranks from Million Dollar Wurlitzer)
There Are Bad Times Just Around The Corner Don Kinnier Capitol Gains [Klik Records SP 2001 CD] 1990 3-17 Wurlitzer/Hybrid, Strand-Capitol Performing Arts Center, York, PA
Pagan Love Song Dennis Palmistra Especially For You [Concert Recording CR-0032] 2-14 Wurlitzer, John Clancy Residence, Wentworthville, Australia; ex-Civic Theatre, Auburn
The Argentina Blue Danube George Wright Nifty Fifty [Banda 8480S] 1992 Hollywood Philharmonic Organ
Jumpin’ At The Woodside Skip O’Donnell Big Power [Soundtracks CD] 3-18 Wurlitzer, Uncle Milt’s Pipe Organ Pizza Company, Vancouver, WA
When Day Is Done Bert Buhrman And The Pipes Will Play [Columbia CS 8193] 1959 3-17 Wurlitzer, Mosque Civic Center, Richmond, VA; originally Acca Temple Mosque, 5000 seats, 1927
Put A Little Love In Your Heart Jack Gustafson Once Upon A Time [Pipe Organ Presentations POP 127] 2007 4-18 Wurlitzer Cap’ns Galley, Redwoond City, CA; formerly Fifth Avenue Theatre, Seattle, WA
Harlem Nocturne Bryan Rodwell Deroy 870 Volume 5 1955 3-8 Wurlitzer, Granada Cinema, Clapham Junction, London 18/9/37; remastered stereo from mono tapes (by Deroy)
Toccata In D Major Trio Con Brio Not Just Another Organ Recording 1992 4-51 Wurlitzer, Organ Grinder Restaurant, Portland, OR; 4m Collins Memorial Pipe Organ, First United Methodist Church, Portland, OR; Rodgers 945, C445 and C-100

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