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Hot Pipes Podcast 295 – A Grab Bag of Entertainment

A Grab Bag of Entertainment

Name Artist Album Year Comments
On A Wonderful Day Like Today David Ashby The “Mightiest” 5/65 Wurlitzer – DeKalb IL 1980 5-65 Wurlitzer, Wurlitzer Building, DeKalb, IL; origin Our Lady of Victory Basilica, Lackawanna, NY; Proctors Theater, Troy, NY; Radio Station WCCO, Minneapolis, MN
Manha de Carnaval Bill Thomson The Roaring 20’s Goes Latin [Ronson RT 104] 1970 3-30 Wurlitzer, Roaring 20s Pizza, Grand Rapids, MI
Them There Eyes Jim Riggs Private: Organ Stop Pizza, Tucson 1982-12-23 1982 4-24 Wurlitzer, Organ Stop Pizza, Tucson, AZ; from Riviera Theatre, Omaha, NE; Now nucleus of Sanfilippo Wurlitzer; Recorded December 23, 1982
Iolanthe – selections Dudley Savage As Prescribed 1974-11-10 1974 3-8 Compton + Melotone, Royal/ABC Plymouth, Devon, UK
The Nuns’ Chorus Robinson Cleaver Aria ad Astra [AK Records 7709] 1977 3-8 Christie, Astra Theatre, Llandudno, Wales (1935-1987)
Bei Mir Bist Du Schon (Means That You’re Grand) Chris McPhee Concert Hits 1995 3-17 Wurlitzer, Orion Centre, Canterbury, NSW; ex 1928 Sydney Capitol Theatre 3-15
Announcement Ray Thornley Concert: Marrickville Town Hall 1977-11-06 1977 2-11 Wurlitzer, Town Hall, Marrickville, Sydney; Formerly Prince Edward Theatre, Sydney
I Write The Songs Ray Thornley Concert: Marrickville Town Hall 1977-11-06 1977 2-11 Wurlitzer, Town Hall, Marrickville, Sydney; Formerly Prince Edward Theatre, Sydney
On The Quarter Deck Robert Wolfe Wolfe On Wurlitzer [WP CD 01] 1992 3-17 Wurlitzer, Orion Centre, Campsie, Sydney, Australia; ex-Capitol Theatre, Sydney
One Alone Lowden Theatre Orchestra, Georges Montalba The Best of American Theatre [Audio Spectrum AS 602] 1965 3-14 Wurlitzer, Plaza Studio, Radio City Music Hall, New York; Georges Montalba = Robert Hunter (1929 -2001, Glendale, CA)
At The Dance Richard Hills Hills In The Fens [COS CD 127] 2000 4-22 Compton, plus Melotone, Holbeach, Lincolnshire (David Shepherd)
Rose Of Washington Square Dave Quinlan Concert: Rudy’s Supper Club, Vallejo 1972-06-25 1972 2-6 Wurlitzer, Rudy’s Supper Club, Vallejo, CA; Originaly El Campanile Theatre, Antioch, CA; recorded by Tim Kirkpatrick 1972-06-25
It Only Takes A Moment Ray Frazier Reflections of a Golden Era [Concert Recording CR-0116] 4-21 Kilgen-Wurlitzer, Grant Union High School, Sacramento, CA
London Calling Iain McGlinchey Concert: Pollokshaws Borough Hall, Glasgow 2021-10-30 2021 3-21 Wurlitzer, Town Hall, Pollokshaws, Glasgow
Blue Velvet Bob Ralston Concert: Keystone Oaks High School 2000-09-09 2000 3-19 Wurlitzer, Keystone Oaks High School, Dormont, PA
How Lucky Can You Get? Candi Carley Candi [Minx MXRC2001] 1978 2-15 Wurlitzer, Great American Wind Machine Restaurant, Reseda, Los Angeles; formerly 2-10 Beverly Hills Theatre; Candi’s first LP
Flying Fingers George Wright Concert: Auditorium Theatre, Rochester 1972 1972 4-22 Wurlitzer, Auditorium Theatre, Rochester, NY; RTOS, ex-RKO Palace, Rochester

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