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Hot Pipes Podcast 316 – Celebrating a Blue Moon

Celebrating a Blue Moon

Name Artist Album Year Comments
Blue Moon John Duffy Duffy At The Organ [London HA-U2012] 1957 3-10 Wurlitzer-Gottfried, CBS-KNX Studios, Columbia Square, Hollywood, CA; ex-Legion (Capitol) Theatre, Walla Walla, WA
Lazy Moon from Goldilocks Jelani Eddington Blue Tango [RJE CD] 2006 5-80 Wurlitzer, Sanfilippo Victorian Music Palace
Moondance Donna Parker The Lady Elsinore 2007 3-26 Wurlitzer, Elsinore Theatre, Salem, OR
(Give Me The) Moon Over Brooklyn Freddie Brabson Concert: Tennessee Theatre, Knoxville 2021-08-02 2021 3-17 Wurlitzer, Tennessee Theatre, Knoxville, TN
Blue Pacific Moonlight Paul Carson Music Of Hawaii Vol 2 [Alma C1861]
Shine On, Harvest Moon Rob Richards & Alex-Zsolt Nethercutt Duets [Alex Zsolt Ministries] 2010 4-74 Wurlitzer, Nethercutt Collection, Sylmar, CA, plus Bosendorfer grand piano
Moonlight on the Alster Ernest Broadbent Requests from the Tower Ballroom [EMI One Up OU 2042] 1974 3-14 Wurlitzer, Tower Ballroom, Blackpool
Moonlight On The River Lyn Larsen Tony & Lyn In Concert Again [DuoMusik CD] 2013 5-80 Wurlitzer, Sanfilippo Residence, Barrington Hills, IL
Magic Is The Moonlight (Te Quiero Dijiste) Bill Thomson A Moonlight Recital [Lift BT-3401] Bill Thomson’s Custom Rodgers 340
There’s A Rising Moon For Every Falling Star Stephen Vincent Yamaha EL90 with Paramount 450
How High The Moon Arnold Loxam Mighty Like A Rose [Crystal CRY3003] 1968 3-19 Wurlitzer, Paramount/Odeon Theatre, Leeds
East of the Sun (And West of the Moon) Rex Koury At San Sylmar [NCR 1124] 3-25 Wurlitzer, Nethercutt Collection, San Sylmar, CA; ex-Roxie Theatre, Atlanta, GA
I Wished On The Moon Joseph Seal You And The Night And The Music [Pye NSPL 18261] 1968 3-12 Wurlitzer, ABC Theatre, Kingston-on-Thames
Chasing Moonbeams Chris Elliott From Shore To Shore [CPE Productions CD] 1998 4-36 Wurlitzer, Plummer Auditorium, Fullerton, CA
Making Faces At The Man In The Moon Ron Rhode Together [Roxy RP-118-CD] 2011 4-34 Wurlitzer, Shanklin Center, Groton, MA; Console from Metropolitan Theatre, Boston, MA; Core pipework from the Palace Theatre, Cleveland, OH
Carolina Moon Jesse Crawford Victor 21933 1929 Probably New York Paramount Studio Wurlitzer
Serenade To Moonlight Simon Gledhill For The Fun Of It: San Diego’s Spreckels Outdoor Pipe Organ [SOS 7 CD] 2001 4-63 Skinner, Spreckels Organ Pavillion, Balboa Park, San Diego, CA
(There Ought To Be A) Moonlight Savings Time Donnie Rankin At The Civic 2009 3-19 Wurlitzer, Akron Civic Center, Akron, Ohio; original organ 3-13, enlarged by Carlton Smith
Moon Over Miami Lew Williams Sforzando 11X 1985 5-21 Wurlitzer, Bill Brown Residence, Phoenix, AZ; recorded November 1985 at the Phoenix Festival

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