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George Wright – At Home CD

£13.00 (Tax Exempt)


George Wright: 1974 Home Federal Broadcast tracks – Conn 651

Banda 202002 – Price includes postage

The first 11 tracks are one complete show (minus adverts!) and the remainder selected tracks from other shows. The playbars are short samples of the audio.

1)  Radio show opening

2)  I’m Gonna Live ‘Til I Die

3)  More Than You Know

4) Zazueira

5)  Nevermore
6)  Chrysoglott Interlude
7)  When the Wind Was Green (Piano)

8)  Fascinating Rhythm

9)  Cucurrucucu Paloma
10) You Are Love
11) Radio show closing
12) It Seems To Be Spring
13) Macushla
14) We’ll Be Together Again
15) Bilbao Song
16) Down By the River
17) I Can’t Get Started
18) I’m Just Wild About Animal Crackers

19) Rachmininoff: Rhapsody 18th Variation on a Theme of Paganini
20) Kiss Me Again
21) I’ve Got a Lot of Livin’ to Do
22) Pieces of Dreams
23) Will You Remember? (Sweetheart)
24) Blue is the Night

25) Neapolitan Love Song
26) They Say It’s Wonderful
27) Everything Is Hotsy Totsy Now—Introduction

28) Everything Is Hotsy Totsy Now





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