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George Wright @ Dickinson High School – April 28, 1979 – 2-CD

£18.00 (Tax Exempt)


George Wright @ Dickinson High School, Wilmington, DE – 2-CD set of a complete concert on April 28, 1979

BANDA 202004 – Price includes postage - NOW IN STOCK

Here's your chance to hear a complete concert on the incomparable Dickinson High School theatre organ. George and the audience are having a great time of it all, as you'll hear in this recording of the entire program, including GW's witty announcements. On top of that, you'll hear the SIX encores played that night. This is a set that is not to be missed. Order today!

William M. (USA)

Verified Purchase - 5 star rating

This double CD set is probably the best of recent offerings of George Wright’s brilliance. Not only is the organ superb but the artistry matches the organ beautifully. It has been very carefully mastered so that not only has the performance been captured faithfully but the insertion of the artist’s comments are for the most part very easy to hear. This is surely a one in a lifetime artist playing on a once in a lifetime instrument. The essence of George Wright’s compelling popularity among all theatre organ enthusiasts is displayed to perfection. Bravo!

The playlist below will let you hear a few seconds of each track. It can take a moment or two to load, so please be patient!  You can play individual tracks by clicking on them or all of the samples by clicking the player at the top.  (All selections are announced by George – this is a complete concert – only the music tracks are listed below.) 



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